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Charles Taylor and Universal Jurisdiction
Alex Steffen, 15 May 06

Universal jurisdiction and the international protection of human rights are vital components of a bright green future. As we wrote before, Liberian mass-murdering dictator Charles Taylor caused destruction on such a scale that it's almost hard to comprehend (as one small data point, his 1997 campaign slogan was "He killed my ma, he killed my pa, I'll vote for him.") But Taylor is now, finally, being brought to justice:

By the time he was pushed from power in 2003, more than 300,000 people had died in conflicts he ignited. His forces and allies had looted Liberia and Sierra Leone, and parts of their neighbors, down to the studs. Millions of people had been scattered into half a dozen nations around West Africa. From Liberia alone he is believed to have stolen at least $100 million as president between 1997 and 2003. ... Even now, in a jail cell here, he made West Africans tremble. Liberia and Sierra Leone asked that he be transferred to the Hague for trial.

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These definitely are vital components of a bright green future. I have had this argument with hard-core environmentalists many times... the inequitable distribution of the planet's wealth, along with overpopulation, is at the core of the 'dark brown present'...

Posted by: Vladimir Orlt on 15 May 06

To what end will a trial prove, if so many people blindly followed him? There is too much of a cycle of masses following a single person. Rather than many working together for something positive.

Posted by: James Orman on 15 May 06



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