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No News Today*
Sarah Rich, 16 May 06

NoNewsToday.jpg Today's issue of the UK paper, The Independent, was guest edited by Bono, with half of all revenues from the issue going towards the fight against AIDS in Africa by way of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Due to the size of this cover image (designed by Damien Hirst), you won't be able to see the note that corresponds with the star at the end of the title; it says, "No News Today (*) Just 6,500 Africans died today as a result of a preventable, treatable disease. (HIV/Aids)."

The paper's been dubbed "the (RED) edition," in connection with Bono's recently launched brand and product line, (RED), which has rallied such giants as Gap, Nike, and Armani to create (RED) branded products that will raise awareness and money for the AIDS fight. (RED) has also launched a new mobile phone, in collaboration with two British telecom companies, which will channel revenue toward the Global Fund for AIDS.

The entire issue is filled with articles on the AIDS struggle and efforts to fight it. In Bono's editorial piece, entitled I am a witness. What can I do?, he says, "Product RED cannot replace activism. For anyone who thinks this means I'm going to retire to the boardroom and stop banging my fist on the door of No. 10, I'm sorry to disappoint you. We have to keep our marching boots on and hold our leaders to account for the promises they have made to Africa - and get them to promise more."

All articles can be read online.

Thanks, Serge.

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Cool, but I thought that GAP used slave labour under subhuman conditions in third world countries... and now they're politically correct

Am I wrong?

Posted by: Alan on 16 May 06

Your not wrong. Welcome to the crazy world of green consumerism activist consumerism.

The 'solution is the market'.

Grow or die is the problem.

Make Bono History.

Posted by: Gus Abraham on 17 May 06



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