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Edens Lost and Found Premier on PBS
Sarah Rich, 17 May 06

This week kicks off the four-part PBS mini-series, Edens Lost and Found: How Ordinary Citizens are Restoring Our Great American Cities. The show will cover community initiatives and urban design in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

An overview from Gretchen at Inhabitat says:
The program highlights practical solutions to improve the environment and quality of life in cities and is the centerpiece of a multimedia program and outreach initiative including a resource-rich website, community action guides, teaching curricula, and a companion book. This special broadcast will showcase extraordinary community activists as well as forward-thinking professionals and governmental officials who are transforming their urban environments.

Local broadcast dates and times can be found here.

via: Inhabitat

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As a long-time Philadelphian it made me proud to learn how beautifully green William Penn had designed a utopia -- and how many FIRSTS our city enjoyed -- we took it all for granted -- and 150 parks and how great Fairmount Park -- we used to frequent along the Wissahickon -- and Cobbs Creek Parkway -- and wonderful what has been accomplished today out of run-down areas to restore with murals and mosaics -- wonderful to restore spirits and its soul.

Excellent program -- glad I caught it.

now in Oregon in a tree city
which also has drug and poverty probs which need a Technocracy for 007

see also soluions
to get AMERICA up and out of enormous debt oozing usury.

Posted by: JQScott on 20 May 06



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