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The Future of Media Arts
Alex Steffen, 20 May 06

Ally #1, Bruce Sterling, has laid down another phenomenal rant, this time on the future of media arts. It's a lovely stroll through ubiquitous computing, how the Internet of things maps to the 3D world, and why the art world has a critical role to play in understanding how this new blending of smart places, spimes, and systems for making visible the invisible come together, an exploration of what art becomes when the actual is the new virtual. If you have no idea what we mean when we use these phrases, it's even more worth your time.

You can listen to the entire talk here.

It ties into a ton of stuff we talk about on Worldchanging -- walkshed technologies, reputation economics, participatory panopticons, product-service systems -- but adds a wonderful dash of Bruce's predict-the-present futurism.

(via MAzine.)

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Is there a mirror for the mp3? It is a really slow connection and I'm afraid I'm wiping out some guy's bandwidth allowance.

Posted by: Stefan Jones on 20 May 06

Is it possible that some kind person has written a transcript of the speech?

Posted by: Frank Shearar on 21 May 06

Bruce Stirling is Love!

Posted by: lee on 22 May 06

You can use the following link to get the file from the Coral Cache network:

Posted by: Matt Grommes on 22 May 06



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