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Eco Labeling for French Cars
Sarah Rich, 23 May 06

bist449c.jpg A couple of months ago, we mentioned several efforts and initiatives to develop labels for helping consumers select cars based upon emissions. Now the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development has introduced CO2 labels which are legally required to be displayed on all automobiles produced in France, effective immediately.

The color-coded labels will rank cars according to CO2 emissions per kilometer. French cars made today produce around 152g of CO2 per kilometer on average, compared with the general EU average of 160g/km. The hope is that compulsory labeling will accelerate existing efforts to improve auto emissions on new cars produced in the EU, where such indicators are currently voluntary. In July, another labeling scheme will be introduced to indicate energy efficiency in French homes.

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How is this label any different than the standard miles per gallon label that show up on cars in the US? Well besides multiplying by 20 pounds of carbon per gallon of gasoline and maybe switching the denominator and numerator?

If I want to buy a car that minimizes my CO2 emissions, don't I just want to buy the car with the highest gas mileage?

Posted by: MH on 23 May 06

Isn't that a Fiat 500 "Topolino". A cute car, possibly the original mini town car, but Italian.

I'm sorry, I'm a pedant sometimes.

Posted by: Ian on 25 May 06

The label is similar to the Procel-energy efficiency label but focussed on CO2 emission and especially for cars.

You can see the labels of different countries (UK, France, Austria, Germany, Belgium) at (download in PdF)

you can find the CO2 emission of your new car at:


Posted by: Pieter on 5 Jun 06



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