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The Current goes WorldChanging

CBC's popular show The Current did a show on how technology can help us build a sustainable society, lead off by an interview with our own Alex Steffen!

[T]echnology has the potential to address concerns like climate change by producing energy more cleanly, and helping us use it more efficiently. It's an idea that seems to be spreading among environmental advocates that scaling back our way of life won't give us a more sustainable world ... technology will. We heard from Alex Steffen, the Executive Editor of the sustainability website,

For the rest of the show The Current explored the idea of the potential for technology to keep us from ruining the earth while allowing us to continue living the way in which we have become accustomed.

To discuss this we were joined by Beatrice Olivastri, the CEO of Friends of the Earth Canada. She was in our Toronto studio. And David Keith is the Canada Research Chair in Energy and the Environment at the University of Calgary. He's also Canadian Geographic's Environmental Scientist of the Year and he was in Pittsburgh this morning. Amory Lovins is the co-founder and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute and the author of Winning the Oil Endgame. He was in Snowmass, Colorado. Mark Jaccard is the author of the book, Sustainable Fossil Fuels: An Unusual Suspect in the Quest for Clean and Enduring Energy.

You can listen to the show yourself here.

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For those who want to listen to the 2nd half of the show, here is the link:

Posted by: David Zaks on 23 May 06

Wow. I'm completely underwhelmed. No Greenpeace? Not much worldchanging info in there for a segment supposedly devoted to "Technology." The Participants in that show just wanted to push their own personal view of how things should be done except that one guy who talked about the Clean Coal, he seemed to least "shrill," of the bunch. Bad CBC Bad... No arguments though which was good. I was half expecting them to start mentioning insulation, LEDs/Fluorecent lighting, EInk, etc. at first, but then they started falling back onto old, tired, and unmarketable rhetoric...

Posted by: Chris on 23 May 06



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