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Bill Moyers
Alex Steffen, 23 May 06

Bill Moyers gave a very moving, entirely worldchanging, Baccalaureate address at Hamilton College this weekend:

So I have been thinking seriously about what I might say to you in this Baccalaureate service. Frankly, I'm not sure anyone from my generation should be saying anything to your generation except, "We're sorry. We're really sorry for the mess you're inheriting. We are sorry for the war in Iraq. For the huge debts you will have to pay for without getting a new social infrastructure in return. We're sorry for the polarized country. The corporate scandals. The corrupt politics. Our imperiled democracy. We're sorry for the sprawl and our addiction to oil and for all those toxins in the environment. Sorry about all this, class of 2006. Good luck cleaning it up."

Thanks to Dave for pointing this out.

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I am trying very hard to reach Bill Moyers by e-mail or phone if possible. I have written him into one of the stories in my award winning memoir, "Dancing in my Nightgown: The Rhythms of Widowhood," and I feel certain he will like the story and would like to send him a copy of the book to read. Naturally, I would love to have him write a blurb for the second edition which is going to be a trade paperback this time. The reason for my admiration of Bill Moyers is that when I first lost my husband several years ago, his three part TV special on Death and Dying was an enormous support for me. Please help me to contact him for this purpose.

Betty Auchard, author/speaker/humorist

Posted by: Betty Auchard on 26 May 06



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