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Al Gore to Write Foreword for Worldchanging Book; Bruce Sterling to Write Introduction

Today, An Inconvenient Truth, by far the most important film of the year, opens in Los Angeles and New York (it will be opening nationwide on a staggered schedule, and we urge everyone who reads this site to see it - find a theater). That's big news.

But we have some even bigger news: today, we can finally announce that former Vice President Al Gore is writing the foreword to Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century.

We are very excited about this. After all, Al Gore is one of the planet's unquestionable heroes. From his earliest days in public life he has fought to make us all aware not only of the threat of global warming, but of the power of citizen media, the importance of international cooperation (especially on issues like nuclear anti-proliferation and HIV/AIDS) and the need to design (and start building) a more sustainable future. We are profoundly honored to be working with him.

But wait, there's more! Bruce Sterling -- noted writer and futurist, visionary-in-residence, author of the now-legendary Viridian Design Speech (which launched the whole cultural shift towards bright green designs and sophisticated green lifestyles) -- has written an amazing introduction for the book. If you read WorldChanging, you know that Bruce has been our staunchest ally from the moment we started this site, and one of our greatest sources of inspiration. Bruce rocks.

We're quite humbled and extremely grateful to have two of our heroes introducing this project to the world.

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Wow, double coup!


Posted by: Stefan Jones on 24 May 06

Awesome - congrats!

Looking forward to the book.

Posted by: donna on 24 May 06


The man who invented the internet and the man who invented cyberspace. Sort of. :-)

Posted by: Paul Mitchum on 24 May 06

Very cool.

Posted by: Michael G. Richard on 24 May 06

So many of my favorite people and things in one place! Congratulations.


Posted by: Daniel N Smith Jr on 24 May 06

Good! Great! AND be sure and get some the skeptics to write for the back cover. This makes the book more complete and interesting. There are numbers of people who would not have given World Changing a thought two years ago but who follow your course now.

Posted by: Gail taylor on 24 May 06

Great work on both counts!

Now if you can get Arundhati Roy to write the "Afterword" . . . .

Posted by: Ted on 24 May 06

Many congrats. We're proud and excited by the momentum you've collectively generated.

Posted by: Randy J. Hunt on 24 May 06

Bruce Sterling did not launch the cultural shift towards green design. He's just a science fiction writer who doesn't write very well, and has silly rants embedded in other people's writing.

Posted by: steve on 24 May 06

Al Gore -- wasn't he the No. 2 guy in one of the most abysmal Democratic administrations of the 20th century? Or am I getting him confused with the guy who willingly lost the presidential election that he actually won?

Sorry, couldn't help myself. I don't share your hero worship of Al Gore, but I'm glad he's helping out with your book, as it will probably help give it a wider audience as it deserves. (Now Bruce Sterling, he's pretty cool...)

Posted by: Lansing on 25 May 06

Activism and science don't mix. Furthermore, the global warming debate is just beginning.

Posted by: Sandy on 25 May 06

The Solanki et al. research (2004) mentioned in the Telegraph article posted by Sandy is discussed thoroughly at the following link (2005) at

"Did the Sun Hit Record Highs Over the Last Few Decades?"

Among his comments, the RealClimate author writes "in the view of the uncertainties and the conflicting data it doesnÂ’t seem to be appropriate to make uncritical and sensational claims about the history of the sun."

Careful, careful. The climate scientists are actually doing a good job with this . . .

Posted by: Ted on 25 May 06

Congratulations on this coup. I only found your site a few weeks ago but it's already replaced the New York Times as my primary news source. You must be pleased about the accelerating momentum of your site and book.

Posted by: Margaret on 25 May 06

Is the debate over yet?

Posted by: Jason_W on 25 May 06

Hey really looking forward to the book. Happy to see if I help in any way to publicize it (I know the people to talk to at Sierra magazine and on the Sierra Club website)

Posted by: adrian cotter on 25 May 06

That's funny; I thought The Da Vinci Code and Xmen III were the most important movies.

Posted by: Remi on 26 May 06

Activism and Science don't mix! Very interesting concept. So the people who understand the depth of the problem should not mingle with the people who understand how to change public opinion? OK - how about the BIG OIL companies not interfereing with energy policy and auto production to benefit only themselves?

When big oil gets out of politics... I might too.

How about this instead: the former oil lobbyists employed byt hte adminitration - people who have a vested huge vested interest in maintaining the oil addicted status quo and in confusing and obstructing public's understanding the scientific CONSENSUS on the topic of global warming should NOT be allowed to edit government documents on the subject...just for a start.

Everyone - please get all the folks you know to see it this weekend.

And while you are at it pop an email over to Viacom/Paramount and let them know what you think of the anemic distribution deal:

Posted by: cityzenjane on 26 May 06



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