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70 Actionable Ideas and World Urban Forum
Sarah Rich, 17 Jun 06

OCP04-05_fig6.jpg Back in December 2005, the UN-Habitat's online forum, Habitat JAM, brought together nearly 40,000 people from over 150 countries over three days for a global conversation about critical issues in urban sustainability. Subsequently, the International Centre for Sustainable Cities partnered with the Canadian Government to analyze the outcome of the virtual conference.

After poring over thousands of pages of transcript, the team of analysts pulled out 70 key actionable ideas which would be directly relevant for continued conversations at World Urban Forum III, which takes place this week in Vancouver (June 19-23).

The 70 actionables have been split into three categories: Social Inclusion and Cohesion, Partnership and Finance, and Urban Growth and the Environment. Lumped together these comprise a Worldchanging package of ideas indeed, not only as freestanding points, but because they are presented in a way that makes them clearly interrelated, and dependent upon each other to be addressed collectively in order to move toward more effective global solutions to social and environmental problems.

We'll be attending a few days of the World Urban Forum towards the end of the week, so look for reports back from the various events and lectures. See the full document here.

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Does anyone know how to calculate how much CO2 a house plant will off set?

Posted by: Allyson on 23 Jun 06



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