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Worldchanging as Marketing Term
Alex Steffen, 22 Jun 06

Sierra magazine has already run a few worldchanging pieces, but this one's a bit different. As ally Leif Utne tells it, "The inside front cover of the July/August issue of Sierra features a two-page ad for Honda’s Civic Hybrid. Under the banner “Environmentology” (not quite sure what that means, but it sounds nice) ... the company rightly touts its 32-year history as a fuel-efficiency innovator":

In 1974, Honda introduced the ingeniously simple Civic CVCC. World-changing (sic) for its fuel efficiency and low emissions, the CVCC demonstrated our spirited commitment to environmentally responsible technology…

We're fans of hybrid cars, especially ones which promise to deliver 50 m.p.g., but it's a strange form of flattery to have seen the the incredibly obscure term "worldchanging" start to become a cultural icon over the last year. I guess it's a sign we're doing something right.

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And indeed you are =).

Posted by: Stephen A. Fuqua on 22 Jun 06

With "environmentology" on the cards, we'll sure soon start seeing "worldchangingizationability" soon ;-)

Posted by: Gyrus on 22 Jun 06

(Eek, not sure what happened to my grammar there - the neologisms are getting to me!!)

Posted by: Gyrus on 22 Jun 06

Not really turning up as lingo in the news yet, but it takes time.

Posted by: Joseph Willemssen on 22 Jun 06

Eco-productivity is a term that would, I think, resonate with both the public and with business types.

The biggest resistance to environmental moves comes from the idea (true in some cases) that environmentalists are in favor of net DESTRUCTION of wealth and productivity: closing off avenues for profit, preventing development, etc.

The (incorrect) image is that, far from promoting the health of society, we are wasteful parasites on it.

If we can change this so that we are promoting PRODUCTION: production of clean energy, production of better and more efficient eco-services, production of clean air, clean water, diversity, health, etc... we're in.

In fact, we can start turning the diehards' rhetoric against them, accusing them of attempting to prevent our entrepreneurship and innovation, denying us the ability to sell desired services to the American consumer!

Eco-productivity. Or maybe Eco-efficiency...

Posted by: Allen Bryan on 24 Jun 06

Watching the term worldchanging catch on over the last two years has been so great. Sustainability needs a make over and worldchanging is a part of that make over, so good on you!

Posted by: JJ on 28 Jun 06



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