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Majora Carter and the TED talks
Alex Steffen, 27 Jun 06

TED is an amazing annual conference (and one of Worldchanging's sponsors) that has always had, to my mind, one big flaw: its exclusivity. Attendance is by invitation only, and tickets are very expensive. The content is often astounding: some of the most brilliant people around present at TED (though the TED organizers do have their lapses in judgment - they let me speak, for example) and the combination of ideas one is exposed to as an attendee can be a little mindblowing... but you have to be an attendee.

I've been saying for some time that TED should share more of that amazing content with the folks who can't afford the ticket, and now, I'm glad to report, they are. TEDTalks is a new offering which features the full talks of six speakers (with more to come), including Worldchanging faves like Al Gore, Hans Rosling (the founder of gapminder) and Majora Carter (who is one of our heroes these days, inspired as we are by her work at Sustainable South Bronx). It's a great resource.

Indeed, if you do nothing else today, listen to Majora's talk.

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thanks for the TED update. I linked to Majora's talk from the Social Enterprise Reporter site since is focused on sustainable community development. I'm glad to see such a forceful speaker bringing grassroots community wealth organizations into the national economic planning agenda.

Posted by: Tom White on 28 Jun 06

Oh Man! That is some rich stuff. Most definitely worth a listen. Thanks for the tip!

Posted by: Jeffrey S on 29 Jun 06



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