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Green Building 101
Sarah Rich, 29 Jun 06

Now that green building is a household term and most everyone knows a little something about it, lots of people are wondering how it all works, and how to put sustainable ideas into practice in their own homes.

In order to answer some of these questions, Inhabitat started a new weekly series called Green Building 101, written and edited by Inhabitat's team of LEED-accredited designers. Every Wednesday for the next 10 weeks, there will be a column focused on one aspect of the new LEED-H rating system for homes (currently in pilot phase), with tips and suggestions in addition to some fundamentals.

Yesterday kicked the series off with an article on LEED-H's first tenet: Locations & Linkages. The remaining articles in the series will all be found here.

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This Green Buiding 101 is great.

I was thinking about it the other night while flipping channels and came across the Home & Garden network which featured a displaced African American woman, a Real Estate Agent from New Orleans, who had moved to the Atlanta, Georgia metro area to relocate after Katrina. The show featured the Agent looking for a home and weighing the pluses and minus of each house, including (of course) the site and location.

Will there be a LEED system designed for and useable by Real Estate Agents? Both the neighborhood LEED and a house renovations LEED would be useful for Real Estate Agents, as well. There should be documentation and materials given to Real Estate Agents, marketed to them, and regionally required.

An idea for you: Develop the Green Building 101 series and help make it applicable and accessible to different types of user-audiences, including the people who help people purchase and sell homes, Real Estate Agents.

Whatcha' think?

Posted by: matt on 30 Jun 06



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