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CanadaChanging: Tell us who you listen to

Any large country has a wide variety of voices worth listening to. Often it's the lesser-known or more specialized voices which are the most rewarding and insightful. Who are the voices in Canada with a WorldChanging bent?

Maybe it's a magazine like Corporate Knights ("the Canadian magazine for responsible business"). Or CPAC, Canada's political affairs channel, which features everything from current affairs analysis to conferences in the off hours to committee meetings where some of the nitty-gritty of governing gets done. Or Big Ideas from TV Ontario.

Or for those into listening in informal gatherings, a series like Social Tech Brewing Co. - or perhaps a global network of informal meetups with a strong Canadian presence like Green Drinks International. Or maybe eclectic blogs on Web 2.0 in Canada, or a think tank like the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, or a nifty new NGO that few have heard of yet.

So, who do you listen to with a Canadian connection? And why?

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One thing that I am very excited about is the 2 political leadership races that are currently going on in Canada. In the Green party Elizabeth May is vying for political leadership and she is quite a contender. Please look her up and check out her supporters. For the Liberal Party there is Stepane Dion. I am so excited about Stephane Dion's candidacy because of his worldchanging bent. He was the chair of the recent Kyoto Protocol meeting in Montreal where over 170 countries gathered to discuss strategies to deal with Climate Change. Look out for him!

Also, if you want to know about media sources other than Corporate Knights and CPAC (both of which are great), check out Rabble, ViveleCanada, Adbusters and the

As for NGOs, wow have we got a lot. There's some really big and well known ones so I will try to tell you about lesser known ones including Ecotrust Canada, Environmental, the Evergreen Foundation, Green Enterprise Toronto, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, SeaWeb, GoodWork Canada and the Conservation voters of BC.

Seriously all of the above deserve at least a paragraph written on them each but I simply don't have the time to do so.

Finally Great Canadians you should know about include Maude Barlow, Naomi Klein, David Suzuki, Linda McQuaig, Wayne Roberts, Stephen Lewis, Mel Hurtig, Herschel Hardin and George Grant.

Jeremy Kirouac

Posted by: Jeremy Kirouac on 20 Jul 06

Don't forget about the Late and Great Bob Hunter co-founder of Greenpeace.

Posted by: Chris on 20 Jul 06

i listen to canadian peter savich's duck and gather podcast religiously.

Posted by: Tom Brown on 20 Jul 06

Sadly, I feel it matters not who we listen to, because invariably our political leaders (at least here in the Land of Oz) certainly aren't listening.

Australia - Fossil Fueled Superpower here we come - look out world - it's business as usual and we don't care.....

I wonder how many warnings and educated opinion will it actually take.......

Posted by: Michael on 20 Jul 06

The Dominion is a grass-roots national newspaper. It covers various stories that are ignored by the big media companies in Canada, and provides differing perspectives on the "big stories":

Posted by: Stephen Gilbert on 20 Jul 06

As a long term computer geek, I tend to follow Tim Bray's blog 'Ongoing' (

Apart from the computing (he's 'Director of Web Technologies' at Sun Microsystems, whatever that means), Tim seems a pretty well rounded chap with an ear for good music and an eye for a good photo subject.

Perhaps not the definitive WC site, but it's Canadian, and a generally good horizon expander!

Posted by: Tony Fisk on 20 Jul 06

As a member of City Council in Kamloops BC, I try to follow what is happening with Smart Growth BC:

I also follow many of the others also mentioned. But, I think its important to look at green issues from a business perspective. So, I think the Globe Foundation's work is also a critical addition:

Posted by: Arjun Singh on 20 Jul 06

I'm Canadian and started a group of people to express their voices at, it's only good news.

Posted by: Adam Clare on 21 Jul 06



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