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CanadaChanging: Your Thoughts?

This concludes our CanadaChanging series. From our end, it was an interesting experience to put together a series of stories around a common theme, all in a limited span of time. Tell us what you liked, and what could be changed or done better next time.

We'd also love to hear from you on two other questions:

  1. Please take a paragraph or two to share with us your CanadaChanging stories.
  2. What other "*****Changing" series would you particularly like to see, and why?
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This was a really great idea. I liked how it enabled the reader to see the many topics that intertwine to make a place, a nation, and the complexity of it all. In particular it also gives the readers a chance to locate many different worldchanging efforts in the world, bring them together in the mind, and compare/contrast them with what might be happening in one's own neighborhood. You could really do this project for any place. Here are my suggestions:

- Bay Area Worldchanging (I live in the SF Bay Area, so this is pertinent to my environment. This same thing could also be done in any other region teeming with bright green light like Seattle, Santa Cruz (CA), Boston, etc., as well as non-US regions.)

- China Worldchanging (you have posted a lot on China already, focusing on its development plans, but doing a ***Worldchanging gives you a chance to deepen and widen the perspective, connect it to topics not yet discussed.)

- Middle East Worldchanging (contextualizing worlchanging in a hot, very important and troubled region politically, economically, socially, environmentally, religiously, historically, etc.)

- Africa Worldchanging (like China, you've written a lot about happenings in Africa. Unlike China and Canada, Africa is an entire continent. If you were to focus on a continent like Africa, it would be very helpful to further contextualize worldchanging efforts within the regions, nations, cities within Africa. This helps readers (myself included) gain a better appreciation for the depth of Africa as a place.)

Posted by: matt on 22 Jul 06

It would be hard, but how about ChinaChanging? They are the make or break are they not?

Posted by: Dean Pajevic on 22 Jul 06

Whoops, someone already said it....


Posted by: Dean Pajevic on 22 Jul 06

asia worldchanging.
obviously, unless everyone is delusional about how many planets we have to occupy, asia cannot follow the western models of resource consumption- since i moved back to lahore (pakistan) after 8 years last november, these issues have been more and more in my face. this city has seen vast horizontal expansion which continues unabated and unplanned, along with its associated environmental and urban disasters. i believe there is a tremendous need to highlight solutions and models being developed in asian cities to alleviate and work through these problems so that they may used regionally as well as exported back to the west (a small example: the indian tuc tuc rickshaws in uk)

Posted by: nida on 22 Jul 06

Please see my award-winning CanadaChanging story at:

Posted by: Jan Steinman on 22 Jul 06

This limited time focus on an area was refreshing and helpful and a change from darting 'hyperidea' format (from hypertext). Dawn Danby's essay was outstanding and I enjoyed reading everything else that she is about and she is good looking to boot!

The two areas that I would love to see are BrazilChanging - for the importance of the rainforest, Amazon and related social issues and MadagascarChanging for the wealth of primordial biodiversity there.

Keep up the superb work of worldchanging at worldchanging! There ain't nothing like it around.

Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 22 Jul 06

SoutheastAsiaChanging, please! With vibrant civil societies, underfunded but ingenious inventors, and all those biodiversity hotspots, it would be good to be able to finally consolidate interesting models from here.

Posted by: Beatrice Misa on 23 Jul 06


From meditation to treatment of PTSD with MDMA. Technologies of mental health, new discoveries in Psychology, new paradigms of consciousness. From Marshall McLuhan to the Maharishi... Nutraceuticals to good-old-fashioned LSD... Its a big umbrella.

Posted by: t o n x on 23 Jul 06

A HeadChanging or related HealthChanging focus would be great.

You could also focus on a particular type of site, such as slums and how they are being transformed by having a SlumChanging.

Another idea would be to discuss issues revolving around class, such as the widening gap between the rich and poor, the future of a middle class, etc, with a ClassChanging.

Posted by: matt on 23 Jul 06

Canadachanging Story:
In November 2005, I was honoured to have been elected to City Council in Kamloops BC. My election coincided with a greater awareness of the humanity's adverse effect on climate change. I have tried to promote environmental awareness by publicly announcing that I was parking my car for a month in favour of my feet and public transit (this was a real positive life changing experience for me).

I also initiated a resolution from our Council asking the provincial and federal governments to institute an "eco fee" or tax on plastic bags. I learnt a lot in this process, as there was a lot of public opposition to the idea of a plastic bag tax.

This brings me to my "******changing" pitch. Please consider doing a "peoplechanging" series. Collect best practices on how public dialogue and education on climate change is successfully accomplished. You have done some of that already, just would respectfully suggest more centred around one easily found section or series on your site.

Posted by: Arjun Singh on 23 Jul 06

All eyes on ChinaChanging. It's the Great Wager after all

Posted by: Jeremy Kirouac on 23 Jul 06

IMO, these suggestions are simply too large to write about in the kind of space you utilize here. Even the Canada posts, which I liked, were glimpses. So my (self-serving) suggestion is to move by region. By bioregion, even better. Not AfricaChanging, or ChinaChanging, but Great Rift Valley and NuJiang - Changing.

Posted by: justus on 25 Jul 06



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