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Worldchanging Needs Volunteers

staffpic.jpgThis is an astonishing time for Worldchanging. We have just brought on a fantastic new group of contributors, we're in the process of planning some exciting new editorial features, as well as preparing to launch a fresh design for the site; and last but surely not least, on November 1, we'll be releasing our first book, Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century -- with more than 600 pages and over 60 writers highlighting cutting-edge innovation and emerging solutions for building a better world.

It's thrilling to see such rapid growth and to anticipate the near future. Nevertheless, we remain a tiny non-profit with just three full-time staff. Given our size, we are daily faced with more opportunities than we can effectively pursue. Right now we are in dire need of assistance beyond our core crew. We are looking for volunteers. Do you have any time on your hands? We guarantee this will be a rewarding, high-energy experience. We are seeking people who can make a serious commitment of at least 10 -- ideally more like 20 -- hours per week for several months.

See details on our specific needs after the jump.

Since we're based in Seattle, we'd ideally like to have some locals step up who can assist with this on-site at our office. We do also have some real needs from people who live in the cities we'll be visiting during our book tour from November until January.

Some of the things we need in Seattle:

1) Event coordination and planning for our book tour

2) General office support

3) Publicity and outreach

4) Grantwriting and development

5) Editorial interns

Outside Seattle:

1) During the weeks and months leading up to the book tour, we could use some support locally in the cities we'll be traveling to with regard to selecting venues to hold events, connecting with local services we may need, and planning our readings and parties.

2) Hopefully the same people who help with pre-planning can also be present during our visit to keep things running smoothly, and of course to attend our events and bring all your friends and allies!

If you have a serious interest in doing this, please send an email to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with the site redesign. I don't know if you are keeping the logo I did for you active or doing a more radical makeover, but in any case I really want to see the worldchanging site look clean and beautiful. If you want any ideas, sketches or comments on designs, anything like that, just let me know.

Jeff Rusch

Posted by: Jeffrey Rusch on 4 Aug 06

You might mention what cities youÂ’ll be touring.

Posted by: Michael K on 5 Aug 06

More on the tour to come in the next two weeks!

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 6 Aug 06

I would love to assist with the tour in British Columbia.

Posted by: Arjun Singh on 10 Aug 06

If you ever show up in North-Carolina, please email me. I am in the Triad region.

Posted by: Camilo on 11 Aug 06

Alex, this past Spring, I sat next to you at a reading at Elliott Bay Books. During the reading you were introduced as someone who works for this cool website, World Changing. I was impressed and asked you for the web site address. The rest is history, I have been a regular reader for months. I think the site is great, not only is there a lot that one can learn about but the subjects and topics are timely and very interesting.

Cutting to the chase; I live in Seattle and would like to volunteer. Please send me an e-mail telling me what you need help with.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Posted by: Steve Weigner on 12 Aug 06

Any tour stops in Milwaukee, WI planned? Madison, WI?

Posted by: Kevin on 15 Aug 06

I'm in Virginia Beach, Virginia and originally from the DC area. If you need any help with writing, research, local information/liaison, for Hampton Roads (Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Williamsburg), the Outer Banks in NC and NE North Carolina, DC Metropolitan area (Include MD, VA, DC), or frankly anywhere on the East Coast. I have unlimited long distance so phone calls are no problem and I have done plenty of event coordination in politics, as an Executive Assistant/Project Specialist, and while serving in the Army.

I'm good at finding ways to cut costs, thinking of all of those little details that trip people up while traveling, providing local information, and getting the word out about events. I can also write articles about anything if I'm given a few hours to familiarize myself with more complex or technical subjects, and have an inordinate amount of useless information and trivia crammed into my head.

Let me know what I can do I would love to help!

Stephanie M
Zaadz Ambassador
Change the world with

Posted by: Stephanie M on 16 Aug 06



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