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Announcing Our New Contributors
Alex Steffen, 3 Aug 06

As you may have noticed from our masthead, we're in the process of expanding the team.

One of the things we've realized, over the last year, is that with the rising tide in interest in bright green issues has come a dramatic increase in the number of people working on solutions. Nothing could be more welcome, of course -- we need every person we can get helping to find ways to steer a course towards a more sustainable world -- but this also means that there's a lot more ground for Worldchanging to cover with every passing month, and a lot more tools, models and ideas to track, evaluate, think through and report on. Just winnowing the pseudo-worldchanging from the truly worldchanging is becoming a huge task.

That's why we're bringing more writers on board. Over the rest of the year, we plan to grow the team by adding a number of new contributors with the expertise and insight to help all of us better parse new ideas across a range of fields, from nanotechnology to organic farming, movement-building to green building.

Together we hope to build on Worldchanging's success: to not just be the most-read social change blog on the planet, but become an even better and more constant source of provocative ideas, innovative models and cutting-edge tools. It's a big planet, with big problems, and the solutions we have for changing the world are themselves changing quickly. We hope to play a big part in helping those solutions spread.

So please join us in welcoming our new team members, and stay posted for more news!

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Well heck, I've been waiting for someone to give the first welcome. This is great news and a very impressive group of new faces. I look forward to even more excellence from this wonderful virtual community.

Posted by: David Foley on 7 Aug 06



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