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Chad Monfreda and David Zaks -- Sustainability Science
Alex Steffen, 3 Aug 06

Writing partners Chad Monfreda and David Zaks are both at the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment.

David has studied the way climate change is impacting the migratory patterns of the Artic tern from Alaska to Antarctica, mapped giant panda habitat and studied tropical argiculture in Panama. He's currently working on quantifying ecosystem goods and services, and aiming to better understand the real bottom line to land use and environmental change.

Chad is a mapmaker, whose earlier work focused on ecological footprint measurements (doing research for the sustainability thinktank Redefining Progress). He's particularly interested in, as he says, "looking into science and technology studies to get a better picture of how images of the world -- from paper maps to abstract rules -- remake the world into themselves."

Together, David and Chad will be delivering fresh perspectives on sustainability science: science that better helps us understand our planet, our place in it, and how we are or could be changing it. From climate change to ecosystem science to new tools for understanding the big picture, science is increasingly on the forefront of the fight to protect the planet and build a bright green future, and David and Chad will be showing us how. Welcome, guys!

David and Chad have already written quite a few posts for us, which include: , Green Water and Sustainable Agriculture, Protecting our Environment, Protecting our Health, and Science and Sustainable Rebuilding.

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Way to go, Chad & David!

Posted by: Jon Foley on 3 Aug 06

Way to go, Chad & David!

Posted by: Jon Foley on 3 Aug 06

Way to go, Chad and David!


I'm very happy to see you two doing a sustainability science feature for WC!

Posted by: Jamais Cascio on 4 Aug 06

Hear, hear.

Posted by: Daniel Collins on 5 Aug 06



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