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Hana Loftus -- Architectural and Planning Innovation
Alex Steffen, 3 Aug 06

Hana Loftus trained as an architect and planner at Cambridge, has travelled widely in Europe, Israel/Palestine and Iran, and directs opera when she can find the time. She just returned to London from a stint on the Outreach Programme at the legendary Rural Studio, and is now working as deputy director of the UK consultancy General Public Agency, doing masterplanning, creating regeneration strategies and designing cultural engagement approaches. She also blogs and writes. In other words, Hana runs around a lot of interesting places, and pays attention to what she sees.

Hana will be helping us keep up with and better understand new approaches to green building, sustainable urban planning and new models for community engagement in the design process, as well as being our gal-on-the-street in the sustainability hotbed of London. Welcome, Hana!

For Worldchanging thus far, Hana has written: Virtuous Circles Reach the Politicians and Greening Big Warehouses.

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Hi Hana, I just read that Baudrillard will be at the Frieze art fair in London on October 14.,,1835929,00.html

Please let us know what he has to say about sustainability and art. You will be the only one here at WorldChanging with a French connection! (At least if you happen to catch Monsieur B).

Thanks in advance!

Posted by: Lorenzo on 4 Aug 06



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