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Al Gore's Slideshow Going Viral
Sarah Rich, 14 Aug 06

A few months ago, when we attended a screening of An Inconvenient Truth, we had the distinct pleasure of a post-show appearance by Al Gore himself. He mentioned at that time that he was developing a training program to teach 1,000 people how to deliver his climate change slideshow in order to spread the message faster.

We asked Lisa Day of Participant Productions a few questions about how one becomes an Al Gore clone. According to Day, the first of these training intensives will take place in Nashville towards the end of September, with under 100 people, some of whom will be hand-selected by Gore, others of whom will be chosen by application.

Gore will take the slideshow and pull out anything that's personal, to create a general version...Trainees will learn to do updates themselves, and Gore will also feed updates to them periodically. Once trained, people go back to their communities and give the presentations themselves, and train others in their community to give it.

Funding and scholarships will be made available for applicants who cannot afford the travel expenses. Here are the program description and application (thanks to our friends at Grist). Seems like a very democratic way to start spreading the climate change gospel.

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To go along with the scholarships for people that can't afford the travel, I think it'd be good to have a trainee coverage map, possibly tying it to

If there wasn't a speaker in my town, I'd pitch in to get one trained.

Posted by: Jeremy Dunck on 14 Aug 06

What is the status of AIT in Australia and how can the film, the slides or the program be accessed?

Posted by: Greg Naylor on 15 Aug 06

What is the status of AIT in Australia and how can the film, the slides or the program be accessed?

Posted by: Greg Naylor on 15 Aug 06

I would love to give one of these presentations at my School. I go to a Community College and there are five branches for this College in my area. I could probably do presentations at all five if the school gives me permission.

Posted by: Lisa Braasch on 15 Aug 06

To Greg Naylor - I live in Sydney and the film is going to
play at the Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne ( starting in mid-September. I don't have more information than that if you don't live in or near Sydney but I'm sure you could look around on the web to find more information.

Posted by: Rebecca on 15 Aug 06

I'd be glad to contribute to the travel expenses to get someone from Myrtle Beach, SC to Nashville and back.
I'd also be happy to approach the airlines locally and ask for free airline tickets for a local trainee.

Posted by: charlie on 15 Aug 06

Why isn't the presentation available online. I can see the strength in teaching people how to present it but shouldn't the material be available online to allow for the grassroots / bottom up effect.

Maybe I am just missing it.


Posted by: Maek SImpkins on 16 Aug 06

I am new here. Want to make Al's presentation more memorable-with metaphor and mind picture.
BAKED ALASKA-hint the CO2 is the merengue.
What do you think??
my email to Al

Hi Al,
I enjoyed your presentation and movie. Also read Jack Rosenthal's article in the NY times mag on Sunday 7/16/06(Insolation). He tries to work with some of your terminology.

I Want to give you a term to use that might resonate more fully with a broader population... "Baked Alaska"
.-is a dessert made of ice cream (ideally straight from the freezer) placed in a pie dish lined with slices of sponge cake and topped with meringue . The entire dessert is then placed in an extremely hot oven just long enough to firm the meringue. The meringue is an effective insulator, and in the short cooking time needed, it prevents the heat getting through to the ice cream.
see if you can incorporate it in your terminology. hint the co2 is the meringue.

Posted by: Ron Smith on 16 Aug 06

I would like to encourage everyone who is planning activities for Engineers Week 2007 (E-Week) to hold an event revolving around An Inconvenient Truth presentation or film showing. I plan to do that in the Chattanooga area.

Posted by: Tiffany Gibby on 16 Aug 06

I heard a lot about Gore's movie. Its good that some attempt is being made to engage people politically. However, what is needed is more money invested in grassroots sustainable businesss solutions that people can be involved in to complement the political campaign.

For example in North Carolina many - particularly those with political power - still believe there is no solution to the pig waste problem that is associated with the factory farms. Integrated farming offers opportunities to empower small farmers as an long term alternative to large scale megafarms.

In the meantime, a transitional strategy could take the waste created by mega farms and use that to power integrated farming projects that create energy, fertilizer and food using highly intensive farming practices.

Posted by: Jeff Buderer on 19 Aug 06

No, no, no! We want global warming (if only in our state). We can't wait for Michigan to become the tropical paradise it can be! Look at all the shore line we have. We could be the new Florida, the new Hawaii! It's our turn dammit!

What part of the give-a-show slide show would tell me how to just warm up Michigan? Please send me just that portion.

Spank you very much algoreĀ®.

Posted by: Izzy Fureal on 29 Aug 06

Why not just post the slide show on the Internet? I would like to pull one or two slides out of it to use and I'll bet Gore would approve. It's not like he's trying to keep it secret.

Posted by: Max Kummerow on 2 Sep 06



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