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Worldchanging Wants You!

We want you to help us change the world.

Here’s the story so far: we’re doing a book. We think it is an important book. We hope it is going to be a break-out book.

We’re also doing a book tour. We’ve talked with our publishers, and they agree that for a book like this, we need to transcend the normal marketing book tour, and make our tour about the ideas. So instead of scheduling old-fashioned author appearances in bookstores and malls, we’re going to be holding community events. We’re going to be highlighting not only the innovations we cover in the book, but the innovative groups and people who are at work changing the world in the towns we’re visiting. We’re going to create opportunities for worldchanging people to connect with each other, learn what’s new in the world and their home town, and have a heck of a good time.

These events are going to be remarkable: think “ Chautauqua meets cocktail party meets XXX.” They’re going to be fun, exciting, heady and meaningful.

We need two things:

1) we need worldchangers in the cities we’re visiting to help us make these events as real, as profound and as cool as possible. We’re hoping that you guys, the most worldchanging group of people around, will help us make these events what they might be. More on that tomorrow, but the take-away is this: we want your help, please!

2) we need an amazing event coordinator, starting as soon as possible.

We need someone with some event-planning experience, based in (or willing to rapidly relocate to) Seattle. Someone who is incredibly organized, on it and maybe even a little fierce when she gets inspired. We need someone with excellent people skills, who is comfortable working in a team while being self-motivated and very responsible. She or he should be a good communicator. A sense of humor would help. Good references and enthusiasm are a must. Knowledge of Worldchanging and the issues we engage is a real plus, but not a deal breaker: we know that not everyone has read this site… yet.
The event coordinator’s job will be to work with our existing team to plan and keep organized the 30-odd events we have planned in November and December, making sure that they truly shine and come off without a hitch.
This is initially a half-time job. Pay is highly competitive by non-profit standards, commensurate with experience.
Worldchanging strongly values diversity, and actively encourages women, people of color and cultural minorities to apply.
To apply please send a cover letter and resume via email to: with the job title ‘Office Coordinator’ in the subject. No phone calls, please.

Can you help us find this person? Are you this person?

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Are you guys planning on visiting Canada? I can help publicize, and line up some awesome organic food if you visit Halifax :)

Posted by: Daniel Haran on 17 Aug 06

You probably already have volunteers from around here, but if not, I could help with the book tour in NC Triangle area, or Asheville, if you are coming to the US South. We have LOTS of great independent bookstores that I'm sure would gladly host you, and of course many people in the area working on all types of sustainability/green initiatives, from biodiesel to bicycling.

Posted by: katuah on 17 Aug 06


You should get in touch with the Vancouver Art Gallery. Lately they have been really receptive to hosting/supporting new forms of media, communication, collaboration, etc.

good luck,


Posted by: Matt on 17 Aug 06

We seem to have good Canadian representation so far!

In Montreal, I can help organize venues etc. Much of the local activist community is French-speaking; we have good venues and great culture/food.

Hans Samuelson

Posted by: hans on 18 Aug 06

I am a regular reader of Worldchanging, I donated a small amount earlier when there was a fund raiser, and I look forward to buying the book.

When it comes to volunteerng my time and donating my life-energy to promoting the book, I need the financial arangements to be a bit transparent. The is conspicously opaque about the details of its non-profit status, how and who makes the policy decisions, and the board members administration process etc.

If the proceeds of the book sales are substantially directed toward filling the coffers of as a non-profit org, then you can count me in. I do understand that the contributors should be paid something. I live in New York city metro area and can make myself quite useful.

If the proceeds of the book are directed to making the contributors personally wealthy and with only a token amount going to, then I will politely pass on this opportunity.

Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 18 Aug 06

Thanks for the enthusiastic response, everyone!

Particularly nice to see the Canadian contingent show up in force!

Subbarao- the entire proceeds of the book go to Worldchanging as a non-profit. Not a dime goes to any of individuals involved, including myself. We've paid the writers a small honorary fee, otherwise, everyone involved is doing this as part of their commitment to Worldchanging.

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 18 Aug 06

Maybe I missed this, but where is there a listing of all the cities on the planned book tour. I wouldn't suspect you are planning on coming to Columbus, Ohio... even though we are listed as one of the top 15 cities in the U.S.

More importantly I am curious where you are planning to hit up with this tour, as I am sure many of the readers would be happy and inviting to help or atleast attend.

Posted by: Chad Weinman on 18 Aug 06

Likewise. Curious to know if WC is planning on stopping in Columbus. Well, I guess that's two people who'd be likely to attend a signing here...

Posted by: d.r.brown on 18 Aug 06

Will you be coming to Ann Arbor?

Posted by: Felix on 18 Aug 06

Is Memphis on your list of cities? I also don't remember seeing a list of cities scheduled for the tour.


Posted by: Tim on 18 Aug 06

Oakland, California here!

Posted by: Cyrus Farivar on 18 Aug 06

I can organize a presentation on Salt Spring Island, BC. We're between Vancouver and Victoria, and have a very active green culture here.

Posted by: Jan Steinman on 18 Aug 06

I am very pleased, proud and impressed that the proceeds of the book will go to the worldchanging org. You should really be mentioning these things in "About us" or someplace similar. Count me in to help out in which ever way you need me to. I will start calling and talking to people to see how to get the buzz amplified in NYC. It will help me to know the details of the work done for NYC already and coordinate with other volunteers.

Volunteers in NYC can contact me to form a community and please mention worldchanging in the subject line.

Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 18 Aug 06

Sorry, here is my email address -

I suggest that we have a link to a webpage with all the tour details, cities planned, dates, local contacts, what was done and what needs to be accomplished etc. so everyone is aware of the big picture. The event coordinator should own the content but volunteers can update and maintain the page(s).

Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 18 Aug 06

I can help in Detroit (Felix in A2, pls email me to coordinate). Need more concept/details and timing ASAP, and an ARC of the book. Web page (wiki?) is a good idea, might substitute for an event coordinator.

Sounds like you don't necessarily need to send a person, just ship books, have the locals stage an event, sell books, and deliver any unsold books to the local Borders/B&N. (Or you could ask one of them to run the "bookstore" at the event, which they may do if they can sell other related books. That would make the money handling easy for us "promoters.") Your publisher may want to think about doing all this in a short timeframe to drive the book up the bestseller lists.

Here in Detroit we'd want to focus on housing, bus rapid transit, and African-American ownership/partnership in the worldchanging campaign.

Posted by: Mary on 20 Aug 06

I know people all over the place, and most of the people I know are extremely well-connected, especially the ones in NYC, LA, and of course, here in Seattle. I'm out of town at a writer's colony all of Sept., but back in early October, and of course willing to do anything that might help you. Also, I recently co-founded a group of non-fictionites, and we're promoing all over the place. It would be very cool to host WC people - thus far, it's been all memoir all the time. I know from my own experience that every person who is aware helps the if you are interested in being Guest Stars on - let me know. Free publicity. Tons of viewers. Not usually the ones you'd be reaching on your own.

I'm so excited for this book to come out.


Posted by: Maria on 20 Aug 06

I'm not your event coordinator, but I could likely coordinate an book-signing type appearance in my small but environmentally active town north of L.A., Ojai. Keep me posted if you're interested.

Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Kit Stolz on 21 Aug 06

I'd be willing to help in Chicago.

Posted by: Anthony on 21 Aug 06

hello -- if you are coming to good 'ol Boulder Colorado, you should absolutely team up with the Highland City Club, a group of world changers if ever there were one. you can contact me as a liason, or get in touch with Topher Wilkins at topher 'at' highlandcityclub 'dot' com. I have told him about you guys several times.

otherwise -- KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. there are lots of worldchangers out here reading quietly every day.

Posted by: Greg on 21 Aug 06

I'd apply for the coordinator position, but can't really justify moving to Seattle for only a half-time gig. I organize conferences by day for Infocast I also do sustainability and alternative culture events by night, and know just about everyone in the green space here in Los Angeles. I would be interested in coordinating an event down here, and know many viable venues and good organizations to work with.

Jason Keehn aka Twist

Posted by: twist on 22 Aug 06

are you coming to australia? if so, I am an office-bearing member of the Australian Green Party, which has connections to all the environmental etc. groups of course & lots of indy bookshops etc

drop me a line if interested

Posted by: imogen on 1 Sep 06

sorry! email imogenk at wildmail dot com

Posted by: imogen on 1 Sep 06



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