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Solar Boston
Jon Lebkowsky, 9 Sep 06

Viridian ally George Mokray points us to video of Boston Harbor Islands' wind and solar energy sources. Says George,

The Hull wind turbines dominate one section of the horizon and the skyline of Boston rises like some science fiction Oz from another. On the islands there is quiet and distance, a magic place only a ferry ride away.
This year my friends Werner and Julie of Videosphere joined me to island hop and produce a video about what we've seen. There are solar assisted composting toilets, solar electric panels, solar hot water heaters, small and large wind turbines, and even solar vehicles. The future is already here. All we have to do is recognize it.

Incidentally, there's more by Videosphere here and here.

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Way to go George and Jon! Thats some comprehensive recognition for both the Massachusetts DCR and National Park Services' efforts in educating visitors about energy alternatives. I've had great pride for two seasons now working and living off the grid on Lovells Island (seven miles from the Boston skyline). I know that many of the Rangers, including myself, give extra effort to educate the islands urban visitors about ways in which we can all reduce our impact on this earth.

When living on an 49 acre island, everything becomes a valuable resource. The sea! the sea! delivers an infinite variety of useful materials. Things like salvaged wiring from an old winter boat wreck to wire our photovoltaic array, and not to mention lobster trap shelving for the Yurt. This season a large earth oven was completed using the islands clay, sand, and stone. So be sure to come back next year for some baked to perfection pizza or blackberry cobbler.

Nathan Trachimowicz

Posted by: Nathan T on 9 Sep 06

We ferried over to Lovells but didn't get off. Some folks were removing a yurt from the island that day.

The next video I'm thinking of is about the solar we don't see, the panels by the side of the road on the Mass Pike, the PV powered hazard signs at street repair sites, the solar air and hot water heaters still working since the last solar boom of the Carter years. People don't know what solar looks like so they don't see it.

More stuff at

Posted by: gmoke on 9 Sep 06



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