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Sarah Rich, 10 Sep 06


Many things have changed as a result of growth in the green business and marketing sectors; but one thing remains the same: sex still sells. The sustainable companies that are flourishing right now know this, and they don't fight it. Take Sprout Design, for example. They just released their Binvention, a super sleek little product that repurposes used grocery bags as recycling sorters. You can hang several bags side-by-side on the Binvention to keep recyclables organized and be sure that even your waste looks good.

A prerequisite to recycling? Probably not. But if a Binvention can make a chore feel like a fashion statement, who's to say it's not a crucial creation? It's recycling for rockstars.

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Not to be contrary, but what the hell does that have to do with the commodification of sex?

Posted by: livingfossil on 10 Sep 06

A lot of supermarkets and shops here in Australia are charging for the plastic shopping bags and people are opting for fabric or woven plastic recycleable shopping bags.
A consequence of this in our household is that we now have to buy garbage bags specially for the purpose, instead of having a product that is able to serve two purposes!

I don't know which is greener.

Posted by: Mike on 10 Sep 06

Maybe I should have said "sexiness!" Simply meaning that the sexy design is the primary selling point on something that otherwise is just a set of hooks for old plastic bags.

Posted by: Sarah on 10 Sep 06

As a square footage-challenged apartment dweller, this device strikes me as an excellent example of a simple design that does a lot (sorting multiple materials, keeping things neat, no moving parts) in a small space. So, not extraneous at all.

Posted by: emily on 11 Sep 06



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