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Worldchanging Interview: Ben Goldhirsh, GOOD Magazine
Micki Krimmel, 19 Sep 06

Ben Goldhirsh

I first interviewed Ben Goldhirsh almost a year ago. Reason Pictures was just getting off the ground and GOOD Magazine was a nascent idea. Well, I caught up with Ben the day after GOOD's Los Angeles launch party for this brief video interview.

The first issue is themed "I *heart* America." The various contributors explore what America means to them and also how America is viewed abroad. The magazine includes profiles of people doing GOOD, tips and tools to do better in your own life, and a ton of information. It's a very well-rounded lifestyle magazine. And 100% of your $20.00 subscription fee goes to the organization of your choice. While many of us these days prefer to get our news and information online, the GOOD team has done a great job making a magazine its readers can really identify with and would be proud to leave on their coffee table. And of course, it's printed on recycled paper.

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I met Ben earlier this year when he was on a panel at a human rights and media conference at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. The idea of Reason Pictures (and also Participant Pictures) is brilliant. Ben was talking alot about taking movies with a "message" and not only trying to get them into the mainstream, but also breaking free from the drama or documentary genre. Why not a sci-fi or comedy or kid's movie that dealt with relevant social issues? With the success of movies like Hotel Rwanda and Inconvenient Truth, funding is more available for these types of films, but it's still an uphill battle.

I'm so glad you did this interview because I had totally forgotten to subscribe to Good Mag. Issue #1 looks great. I'm psyched to throw my $20 into the pot.

Posted by: Cat Laine on 2 Oct 06



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