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It Takes a Village to Build a Composting Toilet
Sarah Rich, 27 Sep 06

A great story came through the pipeline from The Toronto Star about a group of community activitists (or rather, a community group that was moved to action) taking a public need into their own hands. Near the playground at Dufferin Grove Park, where no toilet facilities existed, this group of neighbors and families decided to meet their need by turning the process into a community art project. They'd build a cob structure with a composting toilet - together.

But unsurprisingly, the city wouldn't have it, and the group ran up against wall after wall of beaurocracy. They stood up for their idea, though; it was not just about having a potty, but about the empowerment that comes from actually creating the thing you intend to use.

It's quite a nice reminder that the term "public" means of the a public park, should not the decisions and actions be made and executed by the community of users? After quite an ordeal, a compromise was struck, and The Friends of Dufferin Grove Park shall build their toilet and use it, too.

Thanks, Jeff.

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