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Cluster Bombs
Alex Steffen, 6 Oct 06

Cluster bombs are small anti-personal munitions, rather like handgrenades, meant to be dropped from airplanes or helicopters or shot from ground-based weapons. In theory, they are effective weapons of war because they increase the likelihood of the person using them killing the target he aims at: in reality, up to forty percent of the bombs don't detonate on impact, leaving a battlefield strewn with small, unstable and deadly explosives which present all the charms of land mines.

The Times has a good piece about the hazards unexploded cluster bombs are presenting to civilians in southern Lebanon, where more than 100,000 unexploded bombs remain. The accompanying video is really worth watching.

Activists are working to ban cluster munitions. Like the campaign to ban landmines, this is a worldchanging effort, as cheap anti-personal weapons destroy lives, wreck economies and keep conflict areas unstable long after the fighting has ended.

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yes land-mines and cluster-bombs are dispicable weapons used by hartless cowards,. this use should be roundly and loudly condemed by all of us at every oportunity, prefurably to the faces of those that choose to use them., although in america today, doing so is quite very likely to result in your person being forcably thrown into jail! READ:
when did freedom die?

Posted by: jph wacheski on 10 Oct 06

Watch out Alex, you may be called an anti-semite for posting anything critical of Israel. Even if we're talking about their war crimes.

Posted by: Jeremy Kirouac on 10 Oct 06



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