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Energy Star podcasts
Jeremy Faludi, 8 Oct 06

The folks over at the US EPA's Energy Star program are taking their public education and outreach into new media: they now have podcasts. There are just two so far, but a third is on its way and presumably a whole series if the public shows them a warm reception.

The one I listened to was basically a radio-style interview with two home appliance energy experts, discussing everything from the "always on" society of today (where people leave appliances on all the time so they never have to wait to start them up) to standby power / "vampire power" (where appliances stay mostly on even when you turn them off) to inefficient power supplies that are designed into appliances because they're cheap but which then waste large amounts of energy through their life. They also talked about how to solve these problems (80-Plus power supplies, the low-power standby modes which Energy Star specifies, etc.). Most of the discussion was intro to intermediate level, but they threw out a couple facts & figures that I hadn't heard before, so it might be worth a listen for energy geeks as well.

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