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Pop!Tech Talks Live

Pop!Tech is one of our favorite conferences. Every October, five hundred folks gather in Camden, Maine, for three days of intense conversations about science, technology and changing the world.

The Worlchanging-Pop!Tech connection runs deep: Alex spoke there two years ago and will be speaking there again this year, showcasing some of the innovative ideas we cover in the book. Curator Andrew Zolli is a Worldchanger and board member, and past speakers include other Worldchanging folks like Ethan Zuckerman and Cameron Sinclair, as well as allies like David Bornstein, Rob Neuwirth, Ben Saunders and Janine Benyus.

This year is no exception, with speakers including not only ally #1 Bruce Sterling and new Worldchanging columnist Blaine Brownell, but other folks whose words or work often grace these pages, like Thomas Barnett, Tom Friedman, Will Wright, Stewart Brand, Chris Anderson, Lester Brown, Kevin Kelly, Brian Eno, The Yes Men Victoria Hale and Ze Frank

In the past, one of our only critiques of the conference has been its exclusivity: it's super expensive, held in a remote place, and inevitably sold out far ahead of time. But this year, the organizers are doing something different: they're livecasting the whole conference, for free. From October 19th - 21st 2006, between 9am and 7pm EST, you can watch a live video stream of the conference and even submit questions to the stage in Camden. You can find out more here. It promises to be worth tuning in for.

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PopTech is a hidden jewel and easily the best thing I've ever been to. More visionary than TED and half as pretentious. Now everyone gets to go! BRAVO

Posted by: Sarah Lindstrom on 14 Oct 06

IT Conversations have audio recordings of last year's poptech for free download. Go listen to them - the amount of quality stuff in there is incredible.

Posted by: Dan on 15 Oct 06

Yes, it looks really cool, and I am so pleased to know that events such as this are going on.

But I have to say that the gender ratio among the presenters is way out of proportion.

Where are the women?

Posted by: Kathy on 16 Oct 06



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