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Capitalism at the Crossroads: The Unlimited Business Opportunities in Solving the Worldï¿œs Most Difficult Problems
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by Stuart L. Hart (Wharton School Publishing, 2005)

Stuart Hart makes it clear that there is no inherent conflict between creating a better world and achieving economic prosperity. Global capitalism is at a crossroads, he argues, and ᅵcorporations are the only entities in the world today with the technology, resources, capacity, and global reach requiredᅵ to create a more sustainable world.

Drawing on his consulting experience with top companies and nongovernmental organizations worldwide, Hart contends that to truly change the world, we need to focus on the bottom of the pyramid, on the four billion people with disposable incomes of less than ten dollars a yearï¿œwho represent a $4 trillion marketplace.

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As long as going green stays a grim, gloomy experience,it will be impossible for environmentalism to take deep root.It must be delivered to the general public as the fast track to the good life and to business as best for the bottom line. Few folks will"do the right thing" just because it is,so those of us who want to convince others to go green need to get over being self-righteous and sanctimonious---two very unattractive qualities--and start telling folks that it's easy,aspirational,cool and profitable (which trump good intentions,fear and guilt) to be green. Our ACES newsletter (see us at emphasizes that green is the good life --- glamorous, gourmet, and all things you aspire to. No more hair- shirt environmentalism needed. A lighter hearted appraoch to our serious commitment will get us all much farther --- and just maybe, after 35 years, we'll start to gain some real traction and the current anxiety about global warming can morph into strong,positive action at many levels.

Posted by: Virginia Simpson on 28 Oct 06



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