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We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People
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by Dan Gillmor (Oï¿œReilly Media, 2004)

ᅵWhat industry is among the least transparent? Journalism.ᅵ

If you doubt that citizen media is overtaking big mediaï¿œor that this is a good thingï¿œyou wonï¿œt after reading nationally known journalist Gillmorï¿œs treatise on the rise of amateur reportage. Gillmor uses case studies and personal anecdotes to trace the emergence of and implications of citizen media; he offers a thorough primer on the tools available to citizen journalists, from blogs to wikis.

Moreover, Gillmor urges corporate media and corporations to embrace and collaborate with citizen media outletsᅵnot fight against them. He offers advice to corporate media participants and lays out new rules of conduct for everyone from PR flacks to CEOs: ᅵMake sure your website has everything a journalist might need . . . Post or link to what your people say publicly, and to what is said about you. When your CEO or other top official gives an interview, transcribe it and post in on the web site. If itᅵs an interview being broadcast, put the audio or video online as well . . . Find out which micro-publishers are talking about your product or service. (Use Google, Technorati, Blogdex, and Feedster, not just Nexis and clipping services.) . . . Then make sure you keep these people well-informed. Treat them like professional journalists who are trying to get things right, and theyᅵll be more likely to treat you with a similar respect.ᅵ

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