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Worldchanging Tour: Minneapolis

minneapolis.jpg Minneapolis is a hub for activity in arts and sustainability. We're eagerly anticipating a lively meetup with readers and allies at Kingman Studios on November 8.

Expecting to feel a bit bruised and battered after election day? We've got just the balm you need: an amazing night of celebration, inspiration and worldchanging fun.

November 8th: MINNEAPOLIS - Event at Kingman Studios
Doors at 7:00; program at 8:00
1901 Grand St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418 USA

There'll be DJs. There'll be snacks and drinks. There'll be chances to meet and mingle with other folks doing worldchanging work in the Twin Cities. There will even be some surprise guests. In fact, we expect that this may be one of most enjoyable events of our entire tour. We hope you can make it!

RSVP: WorldchangingMN [at]

Also, because part of our goal in each city we visit is to shine a spotlight on local people and groups doing worldchanging work (promoting sustainability and social change, delivering innovation and future-forward solutions), we're looking for your recommendations about who to spotlight, as well.

Who is worldchanging in Minneapolis? Let us know!

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You guys stopping in Madison or Milwaukee en route to Chicago? I can hook you up with peeps if you want another event!

Posted by: Nick Aster on 18 Oct 06

Guess your software didn't like a bunch of links in a post. Oh, well.

Anyway, here's a bunch of possibles, in no particular order:

FYI - You might also wish to refer to this place as the Twin Cities, since there's this "little" town right next to it - hence the name of the area. Don't want to offend the locals. :)

Posted by: Joseph Willemssen on 18 Oct 06

I've been lurking here off and on for over a year now. LOVE YOU GUYS! I'm excited for this opportunity to meet Joe and other regular local WorldChanging participants, as well as the touring folks, of course. I'm planning to host a Post-election Pie Feast (it's apple and pumpkin season) at my house Wednesday evening before inviting my friends to join me at Kingman Studios (fabulous venue choice, by the way!); if you're in the Twin Cities or traveling in from Greater Minnesota, let me know if you'd like an invitation with location detail for pie. (Emailing to worldchanging AT-SIGN works for now.)

Like Joe, I tried (unsuccessfully) to post a very "linky" comment--back when you announced the tour stops--in response to your request for local WorldChangers worthy of attention philanthropy. There is *plenty* going on here, and Joe's link offers some of the best. But, he missed several of my favorites. I'll try once more, this time a bit abbreviated: ~ Empowering Change, Action, and Awareness by Celebrating a Peaceful, Sustainable, and Just Earth Through Music and the Arts. An all-volunteer crew of young people who know how to party with a purpose. ~ The Bioneers that inspire individuals to utilize natural systems in developing and restoring our communities will gather in Minnesota for the first time Oct. 20-22. ~ Mike and Martha Port have dedicated their retirement years to curbing deforestation and health issues related to cooking fires in developing countries by bringing their durable, low-cost, effective solar cooker design to communities. ~ A Catalyst for a More Comfortable Earth. Lynn and Paul Hunt, a couple of eco-minded philanthropic entrepreneurs, are building a straw bale research campus and business incubator for the purpose of exploring and developing systems that support ecological living. HUG is exploring the integration of some of the oldest methods of construction ever used by human kind combined with some of the most innovative technologies available. Their son Ryan is making a move to reinvent Minnesota's Iron Range as the Green Range, starting with his biodiesel microbrewery: and his educational nonprofit


In gratitude,

Posted by: Heather Ilse on 18 Oct 06

Architecture for Humanity Minnesota is eagerly anticipating the event! (Our group also had the problem of a too 'linky' comment)

Posted by: Maureen on 19 Oct 06

I second that, not only is AFH MN promoting the tour, we've also invited 50 Lanterns International, ( to come and show their stuff.

Posted by: Jeffrey S on 20 Oct 06

A couple of local businesses to recognize at your event:

The folks at Otogawa-Anschel, a design-build remodeling company, are the only green build design company in MN and are currently putting together MN's first green building standards with the MN pollution control agency.

Also, Restore Products are based here in the Twin Cities - they make organic cleaning products and they also have "refill" stations so you can reuse your container.

Thanks for the awesome website & I'm looking forward to the new book...

Posted by: Brian E on 26 Oct 06

I'm not easily finding the cost for this event. I'll be broadcasting your invitation as soon as I know. Gina

Posted by: Gina Vermilyea on 27 Oct 06



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