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Worldchanging Tour: Toronto

toronto.jpg Our Toronto stop is shaping up to be one of the biggest of the entire tour. It's been really amazing to see the way all our Canadian colleagues have come together to create what looks to be an absolutely phenomenal evening of big ideas, worldchanging innovation, and community celebration.

Ed Burtynsky, the noted photographer (and WC board member) and Ron Dembo (of Zerofootprint) will be joining Alex on stage to present an evening of Worldchanging ideas on November 14. A group of creative catalysts and engagement artists from the Arts Access Project at the Art Gallery of Ontario will be connecting Toronto Worldchangers and their Worldchanging ideas .

This promises to be one of the most exciting events of the year. We hope you'll plan to attend.

The main event is our evening at the Berkeley:

November 14th: TORONTO - Worldchanging at The Berkeley
315 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M5A 1S7

Hosted by: Ed Burtynsky, Anna Withrow, Dawn Danby, Britt Welter-Nolan and Hassan Masum

Invitation here

RSVP: WorldchangingToronto [at]

Also, because part of our goal in each city we visit is to shine a spotlight on local people and groups doing worldchanging work (promoting sustainability and social change, delivering innovation and future-forward solutions), we're looking for your recommendations about who to spotlight, as well.

Who is worldchanging in Toronto? Let us know!

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Here are some suggestions for organisations/projects to feature in Toronto

OSEA - Ontario Sustainable Energy Association - A non profit group set up to help communities organise their own sustainable energy projects to take advantage of the province of Ontario's progressive policies on community organised sustainable energy.

Food Share - This long running Toronto organisation has many programs that seek to improve the food environment for Toronto citizens. They organise food baskets, kitchen incubators for fledgling caterers, local markets for new immigrants, community gardens,

UT Centre for Environment - This recently formed Centre at the University of Toronto was set up to be a hub of environment oriented research at the University. It seeks to bring to together a broad range of disciplines that would otherwise not be communicating with each other. It acknowledges the importance of interdisciplinary communication in the development of a sustainable future. They organise the Natural City, an annual conference on sustainable urbanism.

Spacing Magazine - This is a volunteer run magazine devoted to addressing public space issues in Toronto. Over the past two years they have led a wave of public interest in civic issues to the point where local corporate media is taking notice and issues of public space have become regular features in the city papers.

Toronto Public Space Committee - This is the activist group that operates in tandem with Spacing magazine.

Ann Clark - Is the only professor of organic farming in Canada. She teaches at the University of Guelph. I saw her speak at the Natural City conference earlier this year. She had some fascinating anecdotes about the many grassroots farming solutions she has encountered in her research. It was quite inspiring.

Active 18 - This group was formed as response to unchecked gentrification in the west end neighbourhood of Parkdale. It is a citizens group that has successfully opened up the real estate development process to the local residents of the community.

Bruce Mau's Institute Without Boundaries is in T.0. it would be good to see what they are up to.

The Province of Ontario Growth Plan - the province has an ambitious plan to curb the suburban sprawl, maintain key tracts of greenspace and farmland. I know it sounds kind of dull but in fact the presentation at Natural City this year by Jason Thorn who works for the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure Renewal was really dense and informative. It certainly felt like a worldchanging paradigm being invoked at a high level of political power.

District Six Music - is a fair trade record label based in Toronto. It is a very youthful organisation with musical development projects in South Africa. They are well connected to the thriving local conscious hip hop scene.

As for accomodations I'd recommend the Gladstone Hotel. It's a recently renovated Victorian Hotel and the management is extremely artist/activist friendly. They currently are hosting a series of local/organic food events - dinners and tastings - etc.

Let me know if you would like more suggestions or help finding contact information for the above.

all the best


ps this info was posted in early August to a general book tour page, I just thought I'd add it to this more appropriate page.

Posted by: Marc Ngui on 24 Oct 06



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