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Worldchanging Tour: San Francisco

bridge.jpg We have a lot of friends, allies and colleagues in the Bay Area, so we're incredibly excited to be able to offer up several big events there. As a hub of all things green, we hope to get great a turnout at 111 Minna on December 5 and the Commonwealth Club on December 7. Spread the word!

December 5th: SAN FRANCISCO - Event at 111 Minna
doors open at 6pm
111 Minna Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
This event will be our big worldchanging community celebration.

December 7th: SAN FRANCISCO - Worldchanging Panel at the Commonwealth Club
5:30, reception to follow
595 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Come see a number of Worldchangers -- including Cameron Sinclair, Joel Makower, Gil Friend, Jer Faludi, Alex Steffen and Sarah Rich (and perhaps a couple surprise guests) -- for a rolicking discussion of how we can build a bright green future and be home in time for dessert. We really hope you'll attend.

However, we are also looking at doing a couple other events in different parts of the Bay, so stay tuned (check back here for more details).

Because part of our goal in each city we visit is to shine a spotlight on local people and groups doing worldchanging work (promoting sustainability and social change, delivering innovation and future-forward solutions), we're looking for your recommendations about who to spotlight, as well.

Who is worldchanging in the Bay Area? Let us know!

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Changing the World - one house at a time.

Pushing the envelope on solar power and green building ideas our houses are making more power than they use and incorporate the latest sustainable / recycled materials. Pluging your car into the house will achieve a truly 'world changing' combined concept of home and transportation.

Posted by: Chris Parlette green architect on 18 Oct 06

Worldchanging in the Bay?
Try the GreenMBA program.

Posted by: David on 19 Oct 06

Ben Jordan and the People's Fuel Cooperative in SF. Bay Area's 'world changing' heroes.

Posted by: Kevin on 19 Oct 06

Hey Worldchanging.....

Time to change with the times! :)

Please use Google calendar formats for describing your events... that we can just click once, & we are on our way.


Posted by: Matt on 21 Oct 06

I am honored to be hosting the Commonwealth Club event.

For those of you coming into San Francisco for the event, please feel free to drop by our office to use the wireless and say hello.

Also be sure to check out our Guide to Visiting San Francisco (PDF File).

Posted by: Eric Corey Freed on 21 Oct 06

I nominate Ben Jordan for this kind of spotlight. He has been awarded two grants that deal with getting vegetable oils out of our waste stream and in use for making into biodiesel. He also has received a grant for biodiesel education of fleets, endusers and petroleum distributors...he's great, dedicated and a permaculturist planting urban greenways with rana designs. honor this man!

Oh and he's on the SF biodiesel task force which is seriously holding the hand of MUNI to get safely onto biodiesel.

Posted by: Lindsay Hassett on 30 Oct 06



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