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Worldchanging Tour: Los Angeles

lala.jpg From Austin, we're heading west to LA for several SoCal readings and parties. We'll be there from November 30 - December 4 when we swing up to SF.

The main event will be on December 2 at Equator Books, hosted by GOOD Magazine.
1103 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

Meanwhile, because part of our goal in each city we visit is to shine a spotlight on local people and groups doing worldchanging work (promoting sustainability and social change, delivering innovation and future-forward solutions), we're looking for your recommendations, too.

For more information about out remaining tour dates in San Francisco, New York, Denver and Boulder, click here.

Who is worldchanging in LA? Let us know!

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On the corporate side, I'd love to see some kind of involvement with the folks at Volvo Car Corporation's Monitoring and Concept Center in Camarillo (about eighty kilometers west of Los Angeles). I live near Camarillo (as an environment student at California Lutheran University), and I've had the privilege on several occasions of interacting at length with a few of the Center's personnel (once at an environmental policy seminar at UC Santa Barbara). Their grasp of business- and transportation-related environmental challenges is impressive. They care about many of the same issues described on this site, and they struggle with the here-and-now problem of making positive change economically valuable (and, of course, competitive in the market). Under the right conditions, I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if Volvo ends up taking an increasingly significant role with regard to at least a few ideas in the "Stuff", "Business", and "Cities" chapters of the book.

Posted by: Jonathan Pfeiffer on 19 Oct 06

I'd rather see involvement with the Bicycle Kitchen rather than an automobile manufacturer like Volvo. LA's future, if it is to be a "worldchanging" one, has nothing to do with more cars. It's about the bike. Ride on!

Posted by: Henry Bliss on 29 Nov 06



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