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WorldChanging needs bloggers!
Jon Lebkowsky, 21 Oct 06

WorldChanging is extending the conversation about sustainable solutions and scenarios by creating a network of WorldChanging blogs that focus on specific cities and regions. We're looking for volunteers to join local blog teams, as well as an editor for each local blog. You don't have to be a blogger to join the network. We're looking for people who are passionate about the themes and subjects we cover every day at, who can express themselves well in writing, and who can commit to post at least a couple of times a month.

The first blogs to launch will be aligned with the book tour for The WorldChanging Guide to the 21st Century:

New York
Washington DC
Los Angeles
San Francisco

If you live in or near one of the metros or anywhere in Canada, and you're interested in joining the local blog team, send email to network /at/ with a brief note about your background and interest.

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We. Are. Not. Worthy.

Posted by: Enoch Root on 21 Oct 06

As a Wolrdchanging newbie, I'd be interested in ASSISTING. I still feel uncertain as a person able to represent clearly the Worldchanging philosophy.

Posted by: John H. Pieper, OblSB on 21 Oct 06

I am a member of a team blog "Resolution" that deals with some WorldChanging content. Would joining the network mean creating a new blog? Or would a separate blog be needed?

As a comment to newbies: Be Bold! Blogging is Assisting, and Practice makes Perfect, in the sense that the more you work to express the WorldChanging ideas, the better you will get.

Posted by: Curt Beckmann on 21 Oct 06

Thanks for your encouragement, Curt! You have inspired me to step forward with my enthusiasm for WorldChanging.

I'm interested in honing my writing skills, developing some reporting skills, and deepening my connection to the global network of WorldChangers. I've been a lurker here for the most part, but I keep a personal journal in which I occasionally link to and provide commentary on WorldChanging posts.

I'd be happy to assist where needed or to partner with folks such as Joseph Willemssen, Jeffrey and Maureen at Architecture for Humanity, or other regular locals to cover WorldChangers in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and/or Upper Midwest. I'll send an email to Alex et. al. with some of my ideas for articles.

Posted by: Heather Ilse on 21 Oct 06

Would joining the network mean creating a new blog? Or would a separate blog be needed?

We're creating a network of separate blogs for specific locales, generally named for a metro (e.g. Seattle, Portland, New York, Austin, et al.) but serving the larger region. Each of these blogs will have a team of contributors, as with the main WorldChanging blog. We expect that these teams will create local WorldChanging communities with face to face meetings, as well. The network will extend across the globe, wherever we can find volunteers who want to do WorldChanging work.

If you're interested, rather than posting your interest here in comments, please send an email to network /at/

Posted by: Jon Lebkowsky on 21 Oct 06

The list of cities above suggests you should consider changing the masthead to "USAchanging"... although admittedly, just acheiving that would probably do the trick... ;-)

Posted by: Matt on 21 Oct 06

Email sent!

Posted by: Rod on 21 Oct 06

I would love to contribute to the Seattle/Portland blog (I'm in Portland) from a local neighborhood perspective. I'm a frequent user of your website and would love to contribute.

Posted by: Ron on 21 Oct 06

Wish I could help, but I'm not near one of these locales. If you happen to make it to Detroit/Ann Arbor, I'd be happy to chip in as a blogger. We're going to launch an open source think tank concept here in mid-Michigan dedicated to sustainable economic development; we're going to be using WorldChanging as a resource as we go foward.

Posted by: Rayne on 22 Oct 06

Email just sent, Jon. I'm interested in serving for Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Really happy to see you cultivating this on a broader level!

All the best,

Posted by: Sue Braiden on 22 Oct 06

I like the way [not] the entire country of Canada is listed as a metro area. I know we've got a population smaller than California's, but really.

Anyway, the only way to change the world is to participate in it, so there will likely be an email from me floating around too.

Posted by: CleverGirl on 22 Oct 06

I just started a blog very similar to World Changing only based on fulfilling the prophecies of Revelation in a peaceful manner unlike some of those in the Religious Right who are dead set on seeing Armageddon come to pass under their new leader, who, by the way never claimed to be the second Christ, at least to the best of my knowledge.

Whether we choose to aknowledge it or not it is this prophecy that underscores every action that is now affecting the world. Even those who do not believe are affected and those who do believe do not believe that it has been completed.

I was distraught to see that religion is not even one of your topic areas. My book Ronald Reagan: Image of the Beast explains the prophecy. I would like to participate in your book tour when you reach the New York area and perhaps become your religion editor. Please let me know how to proceed.

Posted by: Gregory Gordon on 22 Oct 06

I live in Michigan and can cover Detroit/Ann Arbor if/when you decide to expand. Please keep me posted.

Posted by: Jasen Mehta on 23 Oct 06

I am willing to join in with comments on a weekly or monthly basis. I have been living just north of San Francisco for thrity years but now have relocated to the southern hemisphere, to Tasmania in particular for whom I would gladly represent in any E form.

Posted by: Alan Scott on 23 Oct 06

Though I have not blogged as often lately I am immensly interested in both contributing and assisting with this project. Though I do not live in one of the cities listed I do live in Dallas, Texas. A city known for it's crime rate, homeless population, drug use and overall corruption. I am merely an ongoing student in Environmental Philosophy at the University of North Texas but I would be proud to have my words assist these others towards world changing. Please let me know what I can do.

Posted by: Joseph Carr on 24 Oct 06

Are there possibilities to start-up in Rotterdam? :-)

Posted by: Robert van Vaals on 24 Oct 06


I would love to help out. I currently live in Maine and will potentially be relocating to the Pacific Northwest as early as 1Q2007.

Posted by: TC Hazzard on 26 Oct 06

I'm in Denver and am definitely interested in assisting with the blog. Email sent.

Posted by: Jenny Thomas on 26 Oct 06

I've just moved to Seattle and would be interested in helping and getting involved with your blog and website. I would also be interested in helping to get the World Changing book into art and design classrooms locally and promoting it within deisgn communities.

Posted by: Joanna Clark on 26 Oct 06

Let me know if you need contributors from Austin. I'd like to help in any way I can.....blogging or otherwise.

Posted by: gus mcrae on 27 Oct 06

I was hoping to see a Mexico blog starting up, what can us south of the border do to cooperate? We already have the book on order. has a very similar mission and implements in rural areas as well as urban centers. Is there any other way to join our forces for a fortuitous future?

Together in solidarity,
curtis wilson
Alliant International University, Mexico City
International Renewable Resources Institute

Posted by: Curtis Wilson on 30 Oct 06

I've been looking for a site that allows me to interact with other people searching for new ideas about how to make the world a better place. I want to leave a worhwhile legacy to future generations.
I became very interested in doing something after I saw an "Inconvenient Truth", the documentary film about Al Gore and his Global Warming message. This film had a very motivating effect on me. I was energized to start looking into getting more information about this topic. I got involved with a local group in Minnesota called Fresh Energy.
Please give me feedback. I'm looking into Carbon Sequestration at this time. If you have any info let me know!!!

Posted by: Pat Foley on 30 Oct 06

Email sent. Looking forward to helping the effort here in LA.

Posted by: Foster Kerrison on 31 Oct 06

I had the pleasure of meeting Alex on a flight from Seattle to Chicago. He on his way to New York, (hope is was a success!) and me and my son home to Chicago from trick or treating in Seattle. (we had fun). I went ou the next day and bought the book and have not been able to put it down. This is my first exploration into looking at what I can do to help make the world a better place. I live in the Chicago area, am new to blogging but would be willing to learn and help spread the word on this end. Let me know what I can do!

Posted by: Laura on 3 Nov 06

I'm intersted in supporting by blogging! I work with a student-directed lecture series on Sustainability in SC. A recent grad my self, I would be interested in possibly being part of a regional group here in Santa Cruz CA (60 mi sout of San Francisco).

Posted by: tawn kennedy on 7 Nov 06

one might want to get a myspace account. one can network with people and different organizations. treehugger is on here.

look forward to seeing one on myspace...

Posted by: anthony on 8 Nov 06

hey - I hope it isn't too late but I would be very interested in assisting world changing in NY
cheers, natalie

Posted by: Natalie on 9 Nov 06



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