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Help Us Roll Out Strong: Buy the Worldchanging Book in Advance

Friends of Worldchanging: We don't normally talk much about ourselves here, but in the last few days before the release of the Worldchanging book we're calling on our community of supporters for some help that we think you'll find mutually beneficial.

Like movies, the success of books is largely determined by the rate of sales in the first week or two. If you are planning to buy a copy (or more) of the Worldchanging book, we hope you'll consider buying it before November 1. If you buy it on Amazon before release, you will actually get a significant discount off the regular price. We'll go out on a limb and say we're pretty sure you'll like it.

But if you don't believe us, Bruce Sterling has posted some remarkable words in his latest Viridian Note (for which we are grateful and blushing) in support of the idea that coming out of the gate at full speed is a matter of importance.

So if you can swing it, hop on Amazon and help drive up the early numbers.

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This is a great site, but I'm less likely to pre-order the book with you pimping Amazon. Shouldn't a site like WorldChanging be working with local independent bookstores or someplace like to get the word out? Maybe work with them to offer a discount or special offer?

Will you be recommending people buy the book at Walmart after release?

Posted by: Spiders on 21 Oct 06

I understand why they're doing this. The reality is that Amazon sales matter a lot, a lot more than small book stores. And you can buy it NOW on Amazon, something I can't do at my local store, as much as I love it.

They're being smart "spiders" and being smart while you're doing good is a how things actually make a difference.

I say stop whining buy the book and lets start the whole nation talking about the ideas in it.

I'm off to order it now.

Posted by: Dan on 23 Oct 06

worldchanging team: thank you and sincere congratulations for getting this book complete and out! just scoped that its #86 at AMZN right now, which tells me momentum is building.

I will most likely order before 11/1. i love Bruce Mau's Massive Change book and imagine this will be something like that.

That said, could you elaborate a bit on what differentiates the book from the blog? I gave money during your pledge drive a while back and read pretty much every post that goes up. what does the book offer beyond the web?

thanks again for all you do.

Posted by: shiva polefka on 24 Oct 06



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