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A Brief Visual Reminder that We Are, Actually, on a Small Planet
Alex Steffen, 25 Oct 06

The shuttle launch, seen from the International Space Station. (From our pal Warren Ellis.)

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On a slightly similar, but slightly different, note, I found a website the other day called Breathing Earth, check it out:

Posted by: PK on 25 Oct 06

Very cool!

Posted by: Michael G. Richard on 25 Oct 06

Actually, this photo isn't from the space station. It's from a chase plane.

Posted by: Scott Berkun on 25 Oct 06

Actually, this photo isn't from the space station. It's from a chase plane.

Seemed a little low to me, too. Thanks for the correction.

Nice photo, though.

Posted by: jw on 25 Oct 06

Here comes clean underwear!

Posted by: Mark Schroeder on 27 Oct 06

Yeah this was on as being from the space station, but in the comments it was agree'd that it wasn't. "From the chase plane that takes images of the Shuttle to check for any problems."

Posted by: Coreburn on 27 Oct 06

Please fix the headline -- 'from chase plane high above the launch' would work.

People are still propagating the mistaken info, it's like the mistaken AP story lede 'sea level rise of 80 ft. by 2100' error, people love to repeat this stuff.

Posted by: Hank Roberts on 2 Nov 06



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