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Seattle Book Launch Tonight (Oct 28); Portland Tomorrow!

If you're in Seattle and you're reading this, get out of your seat and come join us at Town Hall at 7:30pm for our first book event: a conversation between Alex Steffen and Bruce Sterling, followed by an after party. And if you are in Portland, we hope to see you tomorrow at the World Forestry Center at 6pm, and at our after party at the Doug Fir. Celebrate with us!

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ARGH! If I'd have known about this a couple of days earlier I would have come for this. You guys need better marketing!

Posted by: Chris Lye on 29 Oct 06

That was a fantastic party everyone! Granted we had a hard time finding the Havanah, but when we got there we had that upper deck reserved and all was well! Except Bruce! He jumped ship rather quick, but I don't blame him--when Justin Timberlake blasts his shit it's hard to keep coherent thought.

It was good to talk to you Bruce, and Alex too of course (sorry you can't hack Amazon like you thought you could, but if you slipped my buddy a few franklins you'd be gold ;). I'm still drunk so I hope this made sense. Can't wait till WC hosts another party! Sara, I didn't see you though, were you around? Anyway, thanks for everything WC, and I hope to see you again soon!

Posted by: Corey Birnbaum on 29 Oct 06

Just got back from the Portland visit. Had to leave earlier than I would have like to score some ibuprofin and walk the dog (whose pee schedule is still on PDT).

Great speech by Alex, with well selected slides.

Several of the questions afterwards were RE how to get the book into the hands of folks in the developing world. Two thoughts:

i) This is an example where leapfrogging might be appropriate. Internet access -- maybe using one of those OLPC machines and an ad-hoc network -- to a specific resource might be a lot more useful.

ii) From what I've seen, the Worldchanging book isn't a DIY resource in the way that the Whole Earth Catalog was.

Someone "down there" trying to better their life needs specific actionable information: How to do something more efficiently. What gadget to buy. Where to get a microloan so she can afford it.

Worldchanging is inspirational: Hey, look! This is possible! We can do it! It's being done!

It is there to get our butts into gear, and maybe help make those immediate, actionable resources available.

Posted by: Stefan Jones on 29 Oct 06



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