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It's working! We're at #13. Help Us Get to # 1!
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We asked you to help spread the word about our book by working together to drive it up the Amazon charts this morning. It's working. We're at number 13! That's fantastic, but we're not done yet. Because Amazon ranks based on the previous 24 hours, we can still put this book on the top of the charts.

If you haven't taken part in today's effort and you still would like to buy a book, please do so now! Click here to go straight to the Amazon page.

Let's do this! Thank you!

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I did it! Had to tack on another item to get the supersaver shipping, but the deed is done.

Posted by: Patrick on 1 Nov 06

Thanks Patrick, and everyone else who's been coming forward to make this happen. You guys are amazing!

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 1 Nov 06

I don't buy many books anymore. Minneapolis has a fantastic public library system, and I USE IT. With aspirations to live on a boat, there's no way I can travel with my accumulation of books, and paying library fines is easier than unloading my personal library. BUT, I bought this one. Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to look it over when it arrives. Then I'm going to mail it to my friend in Los Angeles...a well-educated, well-read business and marketing technologist about-to-turn-social-entrepreneur who hadn't heard about "sustainability" until I began speaking with him about it less than a year ago. Imagine that! I'm going to ask him to read it and send it on to a friend in his homeland of South Africa, the friend who may become his business partner. I'm going to ask my friend to ask HIS friend to send it along to the person he believes would make the most of the book, and so on. I'm going to send a little journal along with it, so that each recipient can leave remarks about what they're going to do with their new knowledge. Fun, fun, fun! PASS IT FORWARD.

Posted by: Heather Ilse on 1 Nov 06

That's a neat idea, Heather!


Today's (November 1) issue of "The Oregonian" has an interview with Alex in the Science section (tacked to the rear of the Business section).

It is probably available online.

Posted by: Stefan Jones on 1 Nov 06

Went to Amazon and at the top of my greeting page I found an image of your book and this caption -

"Check Out This Recent Release Worldchanging
Worldchanging is poised to be the Whole Earth Catalog for this millennium. Read more "

Keep up the great work! - can't wait for the book to arrive.

Posted by: Allegra on 1 Nov 06

Oops. I busted by budget pre-ordering 2 books (one is a present for my parents) as soon as I heard about them. They got here on Oct. 31.

Posted by: Andrew on 1 Nov 06

URGENT message - THE book makes one of the best Christmas gifts to give to "sustainable" friends and relatives and across ALL age groups. The youngest I am giving to is 7 yrs old (along with a real play gift of course) in the hope that in the next five years, he might flip some pages and stumble upon an inspiring thought. The oldest is a 63 years old lawyer.

Please make this a "suggestion for the Christmas shopping list" on the HOME page of - perfectly priced at $24.75 to make a respectable gift to give to ANYONE, perfectly timed that if you order NOW you can beat the Christmas rush and when you order at least two copies from Amazon, the shipping is free (you must click the super saver button to get the free shipping for purchases greater than $25.00).

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of worldchangers today at the Magician in New York City.

Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 2 Nov 06

3 things that will help spread the word and with positive effect. I believe that this book is very useful in the hands of a dedicated educator - typically the social studies teacher in grade schools. Here are three suggestions that will benefit some "lucky" kids in the US and then hopefully many others every where else in the world.

(1) Here is a list of 49 KIPP schools - "Knowledge is Power Program" middle schools serving the inner cities across the US - . If someone or a group offers to donate the $1215 (the donator can be itself), then I offer to absorb the mailing cost of $200 and hand address each Priority envelope and mail them to the pricipals of the 49 schools.

(2) Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is accepting Grant applications from non-profits located in the Pacific Northwest ( is well qualified) for "Community Grants that support non-profit organizations in Washington state and the greater Portland area (including Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties) that provide services to disadvantaged communities. Most grants support capital campaigns or specific programs or projects".

I propose that apply for a $50,000 grant to purchase and mail out 1500 copies to grade schools starting with middle schools in the underserved communities in Washington state. I will be happy to organize the labor to handle and ship the 1500 copies.

(3) Can we request Harry N. Abrams publishers to insert an elegant post card sized sheet in each book requesting that patrons of the book might wish to consider donating a copy to their local middle and highschool's social studies department to use in class assignments or to their local library.

My email is seethams AT

Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 2 Nov 06

Consider it done! I ordered 4 copies for our shop and it will go right next to Al Gore's book.

Posted by: Linda on 2 Nov 06



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