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2007 TED Prize Winners Announced

Worldchanging sponsor TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) recently announced their 2007 award winners.

War photographer, James Nachtwey, one of the world's most prominent scientists, E.O. Wilson, and President William J. Clinton, are the winners of the 2007 TED Prize. Each recipient has been granted ONE WORLD-CHANGING WISH to be revealed at the 2007 TED conference, in Monterey, CA. Many members of the TED Community, and a group of world-class companies, have pledged support to help fulfill these wishes. Each winner will also receive $100,000 to be spent however they choose in support of their wishes.

A hearty congratulations to all three from the Worldchanging family.

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While these are some fine individuals, I really wish that TED would recognize some more "up and coming" people, instead of big stars who already have lots of attention and resources. TED could be a real launch pad for some lesser-known people, who could really use the visibility, money and networking.

In mean, this year's choices seem pretty tired to me:

E.O. Wilson? Gosh, is there a prize he hasn't already won? Is he really doing anything new, or is he riding into the sunset on his previously-earned fame? What new thing is he going to do with a TED prize?

Bill Clinton? Would a $100k TED prize even be a drop in the bucket for his Clinton Global Initiatives? Will this really make a difference in his life? What would this prize enable him to do that he can't do already?

TED: sorry, but these are kind of lame choices. Let's go for more edgy, more surprising, and more unique choices next year? So far, I think Larry Brilliant and Cameron Sinclair were their best choices... Other people can give awards to Bono, Clinton and E.O. Wilson.

Posted by: Borat on 1 Nov 06

I agree with the previous poster, that it is very likely that more good would be served by giving these prizes to "up and coming" people. The people chosen have done incredible work but they have already been well recognized and are well supported. How about awards for people with a good but limited track record who could clearly use the boost the award would provide?

I am new to the worldchanging web site and I am very impressed with the people and work here. Keep up the great work.

I have just ordered the WorldChanging book, but I have ordered it from the small, local bookseller, "Books by the Way" on Vashon Island where I live.

Posted by: Michael Laurie on 2 Nov 06



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