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Help Make Worldchanging a Bestseller - 5 Things You Can Do Today
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We're doing it! The buzz about Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century is building fast. On our first day, we've hit # 13 on Amazon, thanks to your efforts.

The reviews are rolling in. Bill McKibben calls it "the Whole Earth Catalog retooled for the iPod generation." BusinessWeek says the book "reads like a smart, hip mini-encyclopedia of what's new and what's next in green technologies and earth-conscious ideas." Climate champion Laurie David calls it "The seminal resource guide for anyone concerned about today and the future." Earth Day founder Denis Hayes says, "Worldchanging might well be the most complete, compelling articulation of the possible look and feel and actual operation of a sustainable society ever written." New Yorker writer Elizabeth Kolbert says "Read it: it may change your life." Grist says "Buy a few copies and give them as gifts. Buy one for your local coffee shop or cafe to leave out for public perusal. Buy one and send it to Sen. James Inhofe. But be sure to buy it."

Like Hollywood movies, blockbuster books are all about the first week of sales. If we can come out of the gates strong, it will create a powerful ripple effect. Book stores and media outlets will pay attention, and the momentum will keep this book high on the cultural radar for months.

We can make this book a bestseller. But we need your help. Here are five simple things you can do today to help make the Worldchanging book a success, and, in the process, change the way we talk about the future:

1. Buy Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Powells right now. And while you're at it, buy a copy for a friend (or fifty friends). This beautiful book makes the perfect holiday gift.
2. Post a review on B+N, and other online retailers, and add it to your Amazon Wish List.
3. Write about the book on your own blog and in online discussions.
4. Email everyone you know this link and tell them about this exciting book and the Worldchanging tour. Ask them to forward it on, as well.
5. Call your local bookstore(s) and public or school library, tell them how much you like the book and request that they order a copy. Visit them and ask they move the book to the new release table. Tell them again how much you like it.

If you can spare just 15 minutes to take these five simple steps today, your actions will help spread the power of worldchanging ideas to millions of people.

Thank you so much.

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what about:

6. organize a local book launch?

I'd be happy to arrange such an event in London, if you guys provide a speaker and a couple of dozen of books to sell. By the way - yesterday it wasn't even on sale on - isn't WorldChanging a global initiative?

Posted by: Yishay on 2 Nov 06

I have two on preorder (one for me and one for my brother) with It's at a nice price too -

Don't worry, I'll be spreading the word!

Posted by: Scatter on 2 Nov 06

Thanks for at least including an independent bookstore on the list of places to order from! I'll be ordering a few copies now. It's still sad Amazon and B&N are listed first, but hey, it's not a perfect world...

Posted by: spiders on 2 Nov 06

Well, I'll just blogged a post on the book, and am about to order one for myself, and one as a Christmas present. Great work!

Posted by: urbanmike on 2 Nov 06

I bought around 50 books this year: sci-fi, horror, tech, programming, graphic novels, comics, etc...

Frome all those books, WorldChanging is THE ONE that stands out. First-class materials, a beauty to look at, but most importantly it is so enjoyable to read. Complex and complicated correlations are explained in an easy and understandable style of writing - and that's what making this masterpiece so special.

I wish so hard, that this book is a financial success as well, so that there will be future editions covering new topics or updating old ones.

Posted by: Ralph on 2 Nov 06

The book arrived today and, honestly, blew me away. I was expecting something merely cool and interesting, but it feels revolutionary.

Posted by: Jesse Patel on 2 Nov 06

How about a badge we can put in our blogs?

Posted by: Rich on 3 Nov 06

The badge that Rich mentions is a terrific idea. I suppose he means a compact graphic with a very tiny write up along with the gorgious picture and by clickng it, takes the visitor to Amazon's affiliate program helps any website make tiny amounts of money when the click through to Amazon comes from their website or blog. The website of course must register as an affiliate to receive the money.

First, the worldchanging website itself must join as an affiliate so that books ordered with click through will translate into a tiny check.

Second we need the badge created as a compact graphic (downloadable) so that blogs and websites can include them to take their visitors straight to Amazon. If each of the blogs choose to register as an Amazon affiliate then that is just an added incentive for them to include the badge on their sites.

The affiliate program is just a small commission that Amazon pays for the click throughs and does not impact the publisher or the author.

Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 3 Nov 06



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