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Greening Drivers Education
David Zaks, 12 Nov 06
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For the masses of new drivers that enter the street every year, there is much more for them to learn than parallel parking and checking their blind spots. The Times reports that the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) of Great Britain plans to test prospective drivers on the environmental impacts of driving in both the written and practical portions of the exam.

Drivers may be asked to consider such issues as: could the journey be better made by bus, train or bike? Is a 4x4 or a smaller car more suitable for town-centre driving? On a hot day, is opening a window more fuel-efficient than using the air-conditioning?

While the students won't necessarily be failed on bad eco-driving practices, driving instructors will be trained to point out ways to green their driving style.

DSA research has shown that smoother driving, avoiding harsh acceleration and heavy braking, could cut fuel consumption by up to 17%.

And what teen isn't excited about saving a few dollars? (that can later be spent on a pair of Worn Agains)

“This is the way learner drivers will be taught to drive. They won’t think of it as eco-driving. It will just be the correct way to drive.? Said David Wedge, Britain's chief driving examiner.

Much is to be said about the mainstreaming of footprint-related information, and we look forward to a new generation of license holding walkers, bikers, bus and train riders and carpoolers.

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Actually, according to Climate Change Connection in Canada, "In Ford tests in Germany, eco-style driving consumed 41 per cent less fuel in urban conditions, 26 per cent less on rural roads and 22 per cent less on motorways."

For more detail on fuel-efficient driving habits, here's a post we did on it a couple years ago:

Posted by: Jeremy Faludi on 13 Nov 06



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