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COR Building, Miami
Sarah Rich, 12 Dec 06
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Why is it that so many new green highrises look like futuristic sculptures? From One Bryant Park to the Editt Tower and everywhere in between, a combination of functionality and aesthetic boundary-pushing yield architecture that is as forward-thinking in its appearance as in its back-end design. Today, Inhabitat pointed us to the new COR building in Miami, a cheese grater of a skyscraper, with uniform holes cut out of a shining external skin.

The design is a collaborative undertaking between Chad Oppenheim architecture + design, energy consultant Buro Happold, and structural engineer Ysreal Seinuk. They plan to incorporate all the good stuff, from wind and solar to recycled glass tiling and bamboo floors. The hope is that the ultra-modern building will attract tenants whose occupations and tastes match the green, high-design agenda of the project.

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If the mainstream American associates green building techniques with funky architecture they are less likely to jump on board.

jc - austin, tx

Posted by: jc on 12 Dec 06

Great snippet! I love green building articles, so keep 'em coming. Here's hoping the building attracts the very tenants they're going after: sustainable, green-thinking businesses able to look past the bottom line.

Posted by: Patrick on 13 Dec 06

I am happy to see the rumblings of the green building movement in Miami, however, I agree with JC's comment. I also would like to know more details on the functionality of the design aspects.

Posted by: bryan on 17 Dec 06

always looking for images, photos, etc. to help visualize your great articles. in addition, more technical info on systems and materials selected in the projects. thank you. mws

Posted by: max wolfe sturman on 23 Dec 06



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