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Thumb Drive Drive
Micki Krimmel, 14 Dec 06
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'Tis the season for giving, so Inveneo's giving us a way to offer up something useful to people in need. If you have some old dusty USB thumb drives lying around in drawers, dig them out. Inveneo is a non-profit we've written about quite a few times, which helps bring communication technology to remote and rural areas in the developing world. Recently, they provided some schools in rural Uganda with computers, and now they are looking to provide a means of transferring and storing data by drumming up a collection of USB thumb drives.

Perhaps you've got a few memory sticks lying around your desk, cabinets, and in between your sofa cushions. Why not donate them for a tax deduction and help out some African computer labs?

[image: Oooms Twig USB]

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I thought this was a good idea, so I went to the Inveneo site, which directed me to an Amazon Wish List. I placed an order.

"You qualify for free shipping" said the processing.


Got to the end to pay and up popped the weasel (figuratively) I was charged 7.35 S&H.

Just a little rain on my good deed. I proceeded; the gift notes read: "Let it be for the good"

Happy Holidays.

Posted by: jcwinnie on 15 Dec 06

free shipping on amazon is only for orders $25 or more.

Posted by: thechuck on 17 Dec 06



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