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Leif Utne, 15 Dec 06

Worldchanging needs you! We are a tiny nonprofit with a big mission: to highlight the people and ideas that are leading the way toward a bright green future. Make a donation to Worldchanging today.

Give the Gift of Worldchanging

Donate $100 or more by Dec. 18 (noon EST) and we’ll send a gift copy to the person of your choice.

Our small staff and large team of correspondents have accomplished great things on a shoestring budget. In terms impact on the public consciousness, we’re hitting way above our weight. In just three years we've become one of the most widely-read sources of news and commentary on sustainability, innovation, and social change.

We need your support to keep things going and growing. Any amount helps.

And if you donate US$100 or more (US$125 outside North America) by noon (Eastern Standard Time) on Monday, December 18, we’ll even send the person of your choice a gift copy of our book Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century.

Your tax-deductible donation to Worldchanging will make a big impact by helping us continue to find new solutions and tell positive stories about the latest tools, models, and ideas for building the future we all want.

Please consider making a contribution today.

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