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Reminder: Give the Gift of Worldchanging
Leif Utne, 17 Dec 06

It's not too late. Donate to Worldchanging by Monday morning and we'll send a copy of our book to the person of your choice by December 25th.

Give the Gift of Worldchanging

Donate $100 or more by Monday Dec. 18 (1 PM EST, 10 AM Pacific) and we’ll send a gift copy to the person of your choice by the 25th.

Our book tour is finally at its end. In the last six weeks we’ve traveled from the Great Lakes to the Texas hill country; the New York islands to the beaches of California and the forests of British Columbia.

Along the way we’ve met more passionate, inspiring people working hard for a bright green future than we thought possible. People who are taking the ideas covered in our book Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century, putting them into action, and devising new and creative ways to address the problems we face.

  • In Portland, Oregon, we met the team at EcoTrust, who are working to build a sustainable regional economy throughout the Pacific Northwest bioregion -- a.k.a. "Salmon Nation."

  • In New York City, we learned about the Gaia Institute, which has developed an ultra-lightweight soil system that is helping speed the spread of earth-friendly rooftop gardens.

  • And in Austin, Texas, we partied with the folks from Solar Austin, who are stoking the alternative energy revolution deep in the heart of oil country.

These are the kinds of inspiring stories you’ll read about in our book and find every day on, thanks to the generous support of you, our readers.

There's still time to send someone you care about a worldchanging gift for the holidays, and support our work at the same time.

Donate to Worldchanging today to support our vital work of bringing you the latest tools, models, and ideas for building a bright green future. If you donate US$100 or more ($125 outside North America) by Monday, December 18 at 1:00 PM US Eastern time (10 AM Pacific), tell us who you would like to receive a gift copy of our book, and we'll get it to them by the 25th.

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Thanks for the shout out. We definitely enjoyed meeting you at not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 events on your NYC tour.

We are doing what we can in New York City and elsewhere to promote ultra-lightweight GaiaSoil for Green Roofs (comprised of gel-coated recycled expanded polystyrene and compost) as the most sustainable way forward to mitigating the urban heat island effect, reducing combined sewer overflow, increasing biodiversity, and simply making cities more pleasant and NYC when all is said and done, we will have a climate similar to that of a temperate rainforest.

You are welcome to visit our little town on the Hudson anytime. Can't wait for World Changing the Book, v2.

Posted by: Daniel B. Simon on 21 Dec 06

I purchased two of your books this holiday season. That represents approximately 25% of our families entire holiday spending. I sent one copy to my Son-in-Law in Denver, and another copy stays at our home in Chattanooga, TN. I can't wait to crack it open tomorrow.


Posted by: Jeffrey Hunter on 24 Dec 06



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