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What's Next: Jeremy Faludi
Jeremy Faludi, 27 Dec 06

In a nutshell, 2007 needs follow-through.

Green buildings are beginning to reach a tipping point, but it'll be a long stretch before they're a big enough percentage of construction. Green product design is still just a gleam in some people's eyes--there are very few green products to be had, and those that exist are usually far more expensive than their counterparts. Green energy now has some viable candidates (wind, mostly), but is just starting to get a toe-hold in the market. Green food has just been given a big boost by Wal-Mart, but it's anyone's guess how the standards for organic certification will fare, and what will happen with the local food movement. The water problem is beginning to be widely acknowledged, but it will take radical law or tax shifts to start making change. Solutions exist, the ball is rolling, but we need to keep pushing to get past the crest of the hill and ride.

In 2007 I hope to see a lot more pushing from people's pocketbooks--buying green and investing green; asking for green in stores and from suppliers, so vendors know you want it. In manufacturing, many people have never been asked these questions before, so they don't know the answers themselves, and just asking can get them to educate themselves and you.

I also hope to see more pushing in public policy--mainly writing lawmakers and donating to targeted groups that get things done, but also writing newspapers and magazines; the press is often called "the fourth branch of government" in the US, and it has a huge effect on public consciousness. In Europe strong policy is being made and awareness is high; in India and China policy is beginning to head in the right direction but its speed is mixed; in the US the tide could be turning now, but it won't actually turn unless people push.

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