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Only 2 Days Left! Help Us Win the Yahoo! Charity Badge Challenge!
Leif Utne, 25 Dec 06
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Friends of Worldchanging: We need your help right now! As of 4 PM Saturday (Seattle time), we're running a close second place in the Yahoo Charity Badge challenge -- with 425 donors to the leader's 514. We know we can get the most donors by midnight on December 31, but we can't do it without you.

(If this is the first you've heard about the Yahoo Charity Badge challenge, there's more info below. Please read on.)

We're asking you to do two things:

  1. If you haven't given yet, please donate right now. Even $10 will help us win. (Unfortunately, Yahoo only takes US donations. International donors can still support us financially through

  2. If you've already donated, please take a few minutes and recruit 2 other people to donate to Worldchanging today. Ask your spouse, housemate, friend, neighbor, coworker -- anyone who cares about promoting journalism about positive solutions, and has a different credit card number than you, or even just a different name on the same account.

Remember, we need the most donors (not dollars) to win the Yahoo! matching grant. So every single donation counts.

Time is running out, and if everyone who has already given to Worldchanging found just one other person to donate, even at the minimum of $10, we would be well past our goal of 500 donors.

As we've been saying during the last few days, we have a wonderful opportunity to leverage your donations through a matching grant from Yahoo's new Charity Badge program. Yahoo! is offering up to $50,000 in matching funds to the nonprofit which gets the largest number of individual donors (not dollars) before the end of the year using its new "charity badges." (Ours is the blue box here at left.)

The number of donors matters as much as the number of dollars. We know we can pull this out, but we need your help right now. And we'd like 500 donors to be safe. If we're winning on Dec 31st, we think one of our major donors will step in and help us with a large donation, so we may get the full $50K from Yahoo!

That means that what we need are numbers, even large numbers of people contributing just the minimum of $10 each (though we are a highly-effective little non-profit and would be happy to put a larger contribution to good use).

Please help us win this challenge by taking two minutes right now, clicking on the donate button in this link or in the charity badge displayed here at left, and making a contribution to Worldchanging on Network for Good (it's all safe and self-explanatory).

Give whatever you can -- $25, $50, $100, $500, or even just the minimum of $10. Every single donation gets us closer to winning. And if you donate $100 or more we'll send you a copy of our book.

After you donate, help spread the word even further by putting this link in your email signature:

And you can easily display our charity badge on your own website or blog, too. Just click the "Get this badge" link on our charity badge, and you'll find some simple HTML code you can cut and paste into your site.

Thank you so much. It's a small thing, and a minor hassle, but it could mean a big difference for us and help us continue to bring to the world the best tools, models and ideas for building a bright green future.

Thanks again, and happy holidays.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, only donations from US residents are accepted by Network for Good, and thus counted towards Yahoo's challenge. Canadian and other international donors can still support us financially through our online donation form at International donors, click here.


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Is there any way to donate if you don't live in the US?

Posted by: Ian on 29 Dec 06

Ian, You will have to do it through friends or family who live in the US.

Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 29 Dec 06

We have a trailing second place and the gap is widening. The first place holder is pulling further out fast. We have to come up with ideas to save the day. Anyone reading this, please suggest ways to get more immediate donors in.

Don't loose sight of the possible $100,000. That is a lot of money to gain in exchange for the effots we put in the next 24 hours. Can the worldchanging community bring to bear their ideas bank to earn the possible $2500 an hour during the next 35 hours or so?

(a) Can we throw in a "worldchanging T-shirt" for a $20 (shipping included) donation? Even if we don't have them in stock, we can take an IOU and deliver later. The shirt I am referring to is the one with the bird or something equivelant.

(b) Can we appeal to our friends outside the US to donate through their friends and family in the US. Yes, we have been saying that in passing, but a more direct appeal, may be.

(c) Do we have any radio contacts that will do a 24 hour promotion. For a $25 donation to worldchanging, the listener gets a T-shirt and "thanks", the radio station gets $10 (assuning it is a listener sponsored station or a non profit type), and the rest worldchanging keeps for its "coffers" - about $5 to $7.

(d) Can people volunteer the next 35 hours to help out with this campaign? The campaign right now is a blank sheet of "plans".


Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 30 Dec 06

Just as a special for this campaign, can we bring down the donation required to get a book to $35? The T-shirt can remain at $20.

I contacted one radio station. It is a long shot because of zero planning ahead.

The horse is dying and we are beating hard.

Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 30 Dec 06

I certainly understand wanting to win, and I love Worldchanging... but in this case I must say that the Sharing Foundation (the org in first place) is an awesome organization that does SO much good, and it stands to gain a lot more than Worldchanging does since they have raised so much money (which all gets doubled).

Full disclosure: Sharing Foundation's founders live in my hometown and I know them personally. Nancy Hendrie, who started the organization, was a pediatrician who became concerned about the plight of orphans in Cambodia. I've met several of the children whose lives have been saved by her effots, as she was able to bring several of them to the U.S. for much needed medical treatment. They run an exemplary orphanage in Cambodia which improves the lives of both the children and their nannies. And until immigration laws were changed so that U.S. families couldn't adopt from Cambodia at all, they were bringing many children to this country to be adopted into loving homes. Not that Worldchanging isn't also changing the world, but Sharing Foundation's founders have much less online presence or saavy so I wanted to speak up for them.

That said, please keep up the great work! I gave your book to my husband for Christmas (he's going to be one of the Inconvenient Truth presenters and plans to read it on the plane to Nashville!), I read the blog daily, and we plan to donate money ourselves (though, not through this particular challenge, so that Sharing Foundation can get the grant matched).

All the best,

Posted by: Alison on 30 Dec 06

Alison, Thank you so much for writing, clarifying the dynamics involved in this Yahoo challenge, and enlightening us with the details of Sharing Foundation's good work. I do wish them the very best. This Yahoo challenge will result in a net gain to society regardless of who gets the first place.

I have no role in except of being an avid reader of the blog and throwing my two cents in occasionally in the comment section. The Yahoo challenge, your note, the friendly competition and people all over the world actually falling head over heels to do good, all point toward a better world and soon, I hope.

Sharing Foundation might actually win as they have a healthy lead right now and if they do, it is good for them. In the slim possibility that they do not win, then we can certainly lay the guilt trip on the leadership to showcase Sharing Foundation and try to seek the "lost" matching funds. I believe that Sharing foundation should be showcased regardless and that is the whole point of's existence- to foster connections across the globe with centers of positive influence , be they individuals or organizations.

When Adam Smith talked about the invisible hand in economics , I don't think he envisioned that the hand can sometimes be a fist - like Monsanto bashing farmers if they dare make seed, nor that the hand can sometimes be a tender caressing one like this "intense" competition for charity.

Let us look forward to a great new year and a sustainable future with no strife.


Posted by: Subbarao Seethamsetty on 30 Dec 06



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