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What's Next: Michelle Kaufmann Designs
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In 2007 we’re hoping that thinkers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc…start to bridge there individual worlds and work together to create a complete package. There are so many issues in our world today: the growing disparity between economic classes, sustainability in our lives, homelessness, health of our society and the affordability and accessibility of healthcare, etc…We need action that makes inroads on more than one individual issue. We need to multitask to create real momentum to give this apparent shift in our society real momentum.

Our mission at MKD is to make sustainable, health environments accessible to more people. Our goal is to craft beautiful environments out of smart, sustainable products and assemble these environments in a method that become more and more accessible after each and every iteration. We’re not just trying to create a thoughtful designed home, or a healthy home, or a home that is sensitive to its environment, or just an economically accessible home. We want to do it all. The goal is to make individual’s lives better by creating a beautiful, healthy, sustainable, resourceful, thoughtful homes that are affordable to build.

There are so many fantastic individual products, thoughts, goals and people who are trying to change the world for the better. In 2007 we’re hoping to see this entire “worldchanging"? community come closer together and continue to collaborate and build on individual successes to create the cultural shift necessary to start making huge strides towards solving the big issues. We’ve learned to crawl and walk…now it is time to run.

Michelle Kaufmann Designs is a group of architects, designers and modular builders committed to creating well-designed, sustainable buildings and making them accessible to more people. They specialize in off-site modular technology.

This post is part of our Looking Toward 2007: What's Next? series; click the link for more thoughts from our team, friends and allies.

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