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What's Next: Alan AtKisson
Alan AtKisson, 31 Dec 06

Try as I might, I cannot come up with something worth posting on the topic of "What's next" that deals with some specific turn of events or breakthroughs to watch. There is so much to hope for, so much to worry about.

But I know what I *wish* would be next, and what I'll be working for in 2007: increased attention to the sustainability transition, increased commitment from more people in all sectors, and an end to the cynical tiredness or fatalistic inaction or gleeful watiing-for-a-crash or ideological stubbornness (to name just a few common problems) that slow us down. We are, after all, in a race against time, and a fight for life -- if not our own, then certainly the lives of many other people, species, whole ecosystems. Either we'll see more people working on this in 2007 (and I think we will), or we won't. And in either case, the challenge will be the same in 2008 ... only more so.

A great struggle for positive change (think civil rights), or to resist negative change (think the fight against Hitler), has always been one of humanity's most uplifting opportunities, providing the chance for everyone involved to stretch to full potential. We are in such a time. There is great joy in work like this. My hope for 2007 is to see a continuing of the most hopeful trend I know: that more and more people are taking this challenge seriously, and devoting some piece of their lives to making a sustainable, just, and more peaceful world.

Warm greetings from Stockholm for the New Year.

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