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Organic produce, delivered to your doorstep

by Worldchanging LA local editor, Siel (Green LA Girl)


Organic produce, delivered to your doorstep

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Even if you have a hard time making it to the farmers' market on a regular basis, you can still enjoy fresh, organic fruits and veggies year-round by getting organic produce delivered to your door. Los Angeles residents are in luck, because we actually have a number of different organic delivery services to pick from.

Three of the most popular ones are ParadiseO, Organic Express, L.O.V.E. (Los angeles Organic Vegetable Express). All of these basically deliver a nice box of fresh produce to your door on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for between $25-30 a pop. Most of them let you customize your box to a certain extent. You might, for example, opt for an all-fruit box, or an all US-grown box. To the right's what a typical $25 box from ParadiseO looks like.

In addition, the produce comes with very little packaging, which is a great feature for those who cringe at the sight of unnecessarily shrink-wrapped cucumbers in grocery stores. These organic delivery services even pick up and reuse the boxes the produce is delivered in -- Just leave the old box out on delivery days!

If you like the weekly produce-in-a-box idea, but want to get more local, you might check to see if a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) delivers near your area. For most living in Los Angeles, Tierra Miguel Foundation CSA, an organic farm in Pauma Valley, Calif., is probably your best bet. You will, however, need to go pick up the box; check to see if there's a delivery spot near you on this list (PDF).

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Thanks for the tips! My sister in London went online and sent me a hamper out here in LA from Diamond Organics. A very sweet and thoughtful Christmas gift, but to be honest, I wasn't impressed with the quality of the produce, or the hundreds of un-green miles it had traveled to get to my table.

I used to get a L.O.V.E box every week when I first moved to LA. I really loved the delicious, quick and easy recipes they include in the box. Plus the fact that the box itself is made from wax-coated card, so the cardboard doesn't get all funky ready for the cute delivery guy who comes with next week's box...

(BTW, is that the real reason they got their name??!-)

Best wishes,

Posted by: Ysanne Spevack on 6 Jan 07

There's a similar service in Boston called Boston Organics ( We used them for a few years and found them reliable and a good value.

Posted by: Josh on 7 Jan 07

I work for a south-central Wisconsin health plan and created a program that provides rebates to our members who purchase produce shares from area CSA farms. A win-win-win: helps our members live healthier lifestyles, helps local, organic, family farms (this program increased membership in some farms so much that they had to start turning people away!), helps the environment, which all helps our community! As far as we know, this program is the first of its kind in the country. We hope health insurers in other markets will pick up this idea and run with it!

Posted by: Kathryne Auerback on 7 Jan 07

In the seattle region check out

Posted by: Pete Apple on 21 Jan 07



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